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Liang Wen

Liang Wen

BSc Central South University; MAS University of North Carolina at Charlotte
MPhil Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Liang Wen holds a bachelor's degree in Medical Informatics from  Central South University, China; a master’s degree in mathematical finance from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte(UNCC) in USA.

Upon his graduation from UNCC, Liang worked as an operating management officer in Ordos, China.

Thesis working title

Asset Pricing

Research on asset pricing models has been extensively conducted, however, there is little consensus as to which model is most appropriate. Asset pricing tests are conducted on ex-post returns, while the CAPM is an ex-ante model. Thus, it is essential to study how an ex-ante based security return proxy performs in asset pricing tests. Moreover, it is worthwhile to investigate whether stock market factors share common variation with bond returns. This research will contribute to a better understanding of the asset pricing models within one of the particular time series frameworks for financial market.

Supervisors: Quan Gan, Byoung-Kyu Min