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Nate Zettna

Nate Zettna

BA (Hons I) Sydney
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Nate is a PhD candidate in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. His research interests are in the areas of organisational behaviour, organisational communication, human resources management and cross-cultural management. His PhD research aims to observe employee silence, the withholding of important information, in various contexts.

Nate is also a recipient of the Business School Research Scholarship. He enjoys spending time back in his home country volunteering as an English teacher in less developed areas of Thailand.

Thesis working title

Antecedents and consequences of employee silence

This study aims to observe the causes and effects of employee silence in two different sectors, health and manufacturing, in two different countries, Australia and Thailand. Through the implementation of a mixed methods approach, it aims to increase the understanding of employee silence in different contexts, as well as connecting its antecedents to its consequences. It aims to contribute to improving managerial practices that organisations can apply, in providing their employees with more suitable workplace communication systems. This would in turn benefit them, for example, in terms of productivity, errors, employee well-being and job satisfaction.

Supervisors: Helena Nguyen, Susan McGrath-Champ


Conference Paper/s

Zettna N, McGrath-Champ S and Johnson A 2017 'Behind the Smiles: Collectivism and uncertainty avoidance - Exploring the moderating effect of power distance on employee silence', 31st Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference 2017, Melbourne, Australia, 8th December 2017


Conference Paper/s

Zettna N and McGrath-Champ S 2016 'Behind the smiles: a study of cultural factors and employee silence in Thai manufacturing', Thailand in Comparative Perspective: An International Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 27th September 2016