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Priyadharshini Muthukannan

Btech; MBA
PhD Candidate; Postgraduate Teaching Fellow

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Priya graduated with a Dean’s List Honors standing in Master of Business Administration from SP Jain Institute of Global Management and majored in Information Technology. She is currently both a tutor and a postgraduate student at The University of Sydney Business School, in Business Information Systems. Priya’s previous experience includes project management and IT development for Multinationals such as IBM and Polaris.

Priya’s research interests are in Business ecosystems, disruptive technologies and business process development.

Thesis working title

Fintech ecosystem development

Fintech Ecosystem: The research goal of this thesis is to assess the current state of Fintech phenomenon and to study the development of the Fintech ecosystems both from a micro and a macro perspective. Through this empirical case research, the author will develop empirically supported process models to depict the development of Fintech ecosystem with many potential theoretical and practical contributions.

Supervisor: Barney Tan