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Stephanie Dunk

Stephanie Dunk

BA (Adv)(Hons) Sydney; MCom Sydney
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Stephanie’s undergraduate study was in English literature, in which she earnt a BA (Advanced) (Honours). Spurred by an interest in business strategy and social entrepreneurship, she went on to study a Master of Commerce, completing a Dissertation and a Special Project within the coursework degree.

Stephanie’s thesis draws on her interests in the ethics of consumption.

Stephanie has also worked in accreditation and quality control for higher education institutions.

Thesis working title

Towards an ethic of economic relations

Using the food industry as an entry into economic relationships more broadly, Stephanie’s thesis suggests that purchasing is always an ethical act, and that the ethics are constantly negotiated. The thesis represents a gesture towards an ethic of economic relationships based on the mutual obligations of citizenship rather than the individual utility-maximising of a company/consumer relationship. Finding both the Corporate Social Responsibility literature and the consumer behaviour literature narrowly focused in the responsibilities of the company and consumer respectively, it turns to the work of philosopher Martin Buber to explain the construction of the self in relationship with nature. This will frame the empirical work which is to come.

Supervisor: Leanne Cutcher, Chin Jou (History)