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Vitalina Pishchenko

PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Vitalina joined the University of Sydney in 2017 from Uppsala University, Sweden where she developed a strong interest in ICT and especially in acceptance and non-acceptance of new information technology. Vitalina holds a Master of Science degree (Research) from Uppsala University.

Thesis working title

Evidence-based management for enterprise social networking success

Vitalina' PhD research is linked to the ARC funded project 'Evidence-based management for enterprise social networking success'. This project is a collaboration between The University of Sydney and Capgemini Australia. The funded research examines introduction and use of Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) technologies in organisations focusing on development of theoretically and empirically-grounded methodologies for managing ESN introduction in business organisations. This project has the potential to provide Australian businesses a basis for developing a crucial and much needed strategic capability for rapid and reliable introduction ESN technologies.

Supervisor: Uri Gal