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Wei Liu

BEc (Hons) BMgt HIT; BE NEPU
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Wei Liu is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. He has received three bachelor degrees in Economics, Management and Engineering respectively from two universities in China. Prior to his PhD candidacy, he held the position of CEO in two manufacturing firms and had experiences with the Chinese beer industry and petroleum machinery industry. His main research interests include CEO behavior, corporate performance, transnational corporation and strategic layout.

Thesis working title

CEO Celebrity and Firm Performance

His thesis investigates CEO’s celebrity status and corporate performance. Normally the businesses have been benefiting from CEO’s celebrity status. However in China, with over two thousand-year old Confucian ideology and its more recent experience of socialism, the general public is more likely to react negatively to reports of wealth, especially when the source of wealth is viewed conspicuously and not legalized. He aims to understand that considering the complicated cultural and institutional environments in China, to what extent the celebrity status of an entrepreneur will affect the strategies and performance of his affiliated companies.

Supervisors: Vikas Kumar, Gracy (J.Y.) Yang


Book Section/s

Liu W, Shi H and Ma H 2018 Forthcoming 'Improving Renewable Energy Source in Automotive Applications: Evaluation, Analysis and Design' in Green Production Strategies for Sustainability, IGI Global, Hershey, United States


Conference Paper/s

Liu W and Gao Z 2017 'Vulnerability Measurement Model For Outsourcing Information Systems Based on Individuality Advantage Identification', 10th IADIS International Conference on Information Systems 2017, Budapest, Hungary, 12th April 2017


Edited Book/s

Liu W and Gao Z 2016 'Construction of Vocational English Class', Jiuzhou Press, Beijing, China

Journal Article/s

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Conference Paper/s

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Conference Paper/s

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Conference Paper/s

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Conference Paper/s

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