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Yun Ling

BSc HZAU; BEc ZUEL; MCom Sydney
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Yun Ling commenced as PhD candidature at University of Sydney in 2015. He received two bachelor degrees in Science and Economics respectively from two recognized universities in China prior to arriving in University of Sydney where he received Master of Commerce (Finance, with Dissertation). His research interest focuses on fund management, particularly on hedge funds.

Thesis working title

Size effect of hedge funds

Yun’s thesis focuses on the hedge fund industry. Particularly, the thesis looks into hedge fund performance, capital flows, hedge fund scale, and how these interact with each other. In addition, his research aims to prove decreasing returns to scale in hedge fund industry and identify reasons associate with the diseconomies of scale.

Supervisors: Juan Yao, Stephen Satchell