The Business of Health Network works to address issues around wellbeing from a business perspective.

There is an observed positive correlation between health and economic prosperity which is not well understood. This Network will foster research connections to provide greater understanding in the connections between health and economic prosperity, exposing synergies and identifying contradictions in this area.

The Overall Mission of the Network is:

  • to create research connections and collaborations within the Business School and University around wellbeing from a business perspective;
  • to engage with external stakeholder groups in Government, Community and Business for the Business School to become a key player in 'the business of health';
  • to contribute in the longer term with research solutions to the wellbeing of the community by engaging with Businesses, Government and Community groups.


  • Junk food advertising to kids 25 Nov 2013


    Big food and drink companies are under fire from health advocates and parents for bombarding children with junk food advertising and sophisticated marketing techniques.

  • Taking responsibility for public health 22 Oct 2013

    Medical Observer

    Tackling obesity must move beyond the individual - but the corporate world is yet to step up to the plate. Professor Corinne Mulley wants Big Business to put its money where our mouths are.

  • There's an (branded) app for that! Branded mobile apps and food marketing 01 May 2013

    University of Oxford - Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity

    Associate Professor Teresa Davis describes an encounter she has on a train with a parent who placates her small child with an iPhone game. It draws her into thinking about mobile apps and games, which are today almost unregulated forms of social marketing.