Research Project Development Workshops

In November 2013 the Business of Health Research Network encouraged its members to submit research proposal ideas (within the six areas of the 'Research Priorities' identified at the Network launch event in August) and participate in a series of project development workshops to;

  • Strengthen proposal idea with brainstorming sessions
  • Possibly identify new collaborations
  • Provide grant writing assistance
  • Identify relevant granting bodies for further funding
  • Provide Network industry and government links
  • Potential awarding of seed funding

The Network received six project proposal submissions and after the series of development workshops in February 2014 three project proposals were awarded seed funding:

The Network received positive feedback from the participants of the development workshops;

¿¿"It can always be hard to find the time to work up a good question into a formal proposal. The Networks project development process disciplined me to put some structure around my ideas, and a chance to talk about them to people outside my own areas of expertise." Rose Ryan

"The Business of Health Network has designed a structured and supportive approach to developing a grant application.  This process assisted me expand an initial research idea, write a brief project outline and then craft a more detailed seed funding proposal.   Without the collegial support and useful feedback of the network and in particular the network leaders, it is unlikely that I would have advanced this research idea.  My project is also benefitting from new contacts with cross Disciplinary and Faculty experts, which has extended my perspective of the research context." Pennie Frow

If you have a project proposal that is relevant to the Business of Health Research Network's priority areas please forward your project description for review by the Network Leaders to;