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Industry Placement Program

We believe that a business degree should include genuine experience of today's business world, so we offer students who are enrolled in a Business School degree an opportunity to work for a leading firm as part of their degree, through our Industry Placement Program.

After successful pilots during 2010 and 2011 the program was expanded to include a wider range of host organisations/corporate partners. A list of our partners is available under the Corporate Partners tab.

Enrolment into the program or unit of study is selective and only those students who successfully proceed through the selection process are considered for placements. Students from the Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Commerce combined degrees; the Masters of Commerce; the Masters of HR & IR; the Masters of Professional Accounting; the Masters of Logistics Management and the Masters of Transport Management; plus those completing a Bachelor of Economics degree being administered by the Business School are eligible to apply. The selection criteria on which all assessment tasks are based are Commerciality, Teamwork and Leadership, Business Communication, and Critical Thinking.

The program runs during both semesters 1 and 2 and over the summer vacation. During semester students will spend up to 3 days per week over 10 weeks working directly with a host organisation. The initial 2 weeks of semester will be spent attending pre-placement training and preparing a learning contract to be applied during the placement. During the vacation period the duration of placements is based on an equivalent number of hours.

The Industry Placement Program falls into three main categories:

  1. Local - placements with Sydney based firms
  2. Regional - placements with regionally located organisations
  3. International - placements in Asia, Europe, and the US

For more information on each of the placement categories and the relevant application process please select the relevant tab above.

Corporate Partners

Students enrolled in the Industry Placement Program are competitively selected after achieving a high academic record and performing well in all assessment centre tasks.

By partnering with us on this program your firm will gain access to the best emerging business talent giving you the opportunity to identify, develop and potentially recruit tomorrow's business leaders.

There is no cost to your organisation for participating and hosting a placement has the added benefit of enhancing your firm's profile as an employer of choice amongst our student population. 

In addition students work on 'real-life' projects which add real value and can assist in advancing work commitments. 

A non-exhaustive list of our Corporate Partners is provided below for your information:

Altios International
Commonwealth Bank
Citi Group
Doha Bank
Emerge Capital
Heads over Heels
Hewlett Packard

Landor Associates
Macquarie Group
MH Carnegie
NSW Trade & Investment
NSW Treasury
Procter & Gamble

Reckitt Benckiser
Rosemount Good Shepherd
Senior Agency
Stella Design
TDM Asset Management
The Smith Family

Local Placements

The Industry Placement Program offers placements with local Sydney based firms across a wide range of industries. The program runs over both semesters 1 & 2 and during the summer vacation period.

To be eligible as an undergraduate or postgraduate student you must have completed 2 full semesters and have achieved an academic record of credit average or above by the time placements commence.

To apply you are required to complete an online application and submit it along with your resume and a copy of your academic results (in a single MS Word document).  Short listed students will be invited to attend an assessment centre comprising: an interview; a group activity and a written assessment task. Successful students will be accepted into the program and subsequently matched to a suitable host organisation.

Once enrolled in the relevant unit of study students earn six credit points toward their degree, as an elective.

The application period for local placements is outlined below (all dates are subject to change).

Placement Duration

Hosts confirm participation

Student Information Session

Student Applications open

Online Application link

Assessment Centres

Winter Regional 2014

23rd June to 1st August 2014

28th May 2014

20th March 2014

12 - 1pm

Peter Nicol Russell building, LT2

21st March to 8th April 2014

Applications are now closed

28th April to 16th May 2014

Semester 2 2014

11th August to 17th Oct 2014

28th May 2014

20th March 2014

12 - 1pm

Peter Nicol Russell building, LT2

21st March to 8th April 2014

Applications are now closed

28th April to the 16th May 2014

Regional Placements

Port Macquarie

The University of Sydney Business School, in conjunction with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and the Brolga Project , provides an opportunity for our students to experience living and working in a regional location while earning credit points towards their degree.

The placements are facilitated by Mid-North Coast industry, government, education sectors and community organisations. Host organisations that participate come from a wide range of industry sectors including financial services, energy and resources, government, aged care, accounting and tax services.

Broken Hill

BUSS2100 Business Placement is an intensive industry placement program that is conducted through the Business Programs Unit (BPU) within the Business School. Recently, students lived in Broken Hill working with the Broken Hill local government, the Broken Hill Enterprise Development Centre and other not-for profit community groups gaining invaluable business experience from a variety of challenging business projects.

These projects gave the students a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that exist within remote communities of New South Wales. Students were actively engaged with 'real' business issues and challenges where they developed project management and presentation skills. The businesses the students worked with benefited through the education and insight the students were able to offer through their projects.

During regional placements students are expected to work with their host organisation on a full time basis for six weeks during the summer vacation. Accommodation is provided and paid for by program funding. The regional program offers a unique experience and it is a great opportunity for students to develop sought-after skills that provide a real point of difference in the eyes of future employers.

It is possible for students to participate in a regional placement as well as a local or international placement as part of their degree (depending on career progression limitations). Once enrolled in the relevant unit of study students earn six credit points toward their degree.

The application period for regional placements is outlined below: (all dates are subject to change).

Placement Duration

Hosts confirm participation

Student Information Session

Student Applications open

Online Application link

Assessment Centres

Winter Regional 2014

23rd June to 1st August 2014

28th May 2013

20th March 2014

12 - 1pm

Peter Nicol Russell building, LT2

21st March to 11th April 2014

Applications are now closed

28th April to the 16th May 2014

International Placements

During the Australian summer vacation the Business School's International Placement Program comprises placements in the United States (Washington DC & Los Angeles) as well as in China (Shanghai, Beijing & Hangzhou). The winter program which runs from late June to early August comprises placements in France (Paris).

United States

The University of Sydney Business School in conjunction with the United States Study Centre (USSC) has established a partnership with the University of California Washington Centre (UCDC) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to offer Business School undergraduate students an exclusive opportunity to study and work in Washington DC or Los Angeles. As part of these programs students will complete three units of study in addition to undertaking a 9 week professional placement.

During the 2013-14 session more than 40 students will work with organisations such as: Guggenheim Partners, Capello Capital, Sony DAC, McCafferty & Co., City of Santa Monica, International Economic Development Council, Capitol Hill, Sidley Austin LLP, East-West Center, the Institute of International Finance and many more…

Further details about these programs are available on the Washington DC and LA Placements Programs page.


The placements in China are targeted towards students with the required work visas and language skills to allow them to work with International organisations at their offices based in China, as well as with local government organisations.

To date students have had an opportunity to work at the Shanghai offices of Deloitte and PwC as well as with one of our newer partners the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP), China's flagship enterprise in the fields of energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection. Over the 2012-13 summer vacation both undergraduate (BCom) and postgraduate students (MCom) were hosted at CECEP. The students worked in a wide variety of functional divisions at the company's headquarters in Beijing and they worked on projects which enabled them to use the knowledge that they had gained in their degrees.

CECEP also provided the placement students with the opportunity to spend part of their placements at two of the major subsidiary companies - the CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co. Ltd, and the CECEP Wind Power (Zangbei) Co. Ltd, where they gained unique experience working with management and staff at these world-leading sustainable energy companies.

During the upcoming session which runs over the 2013-14 summer vacation over 40 students from the Business School's undergraduate and postgraduate programs will be travel and work in China with organisations such as: PwC, KPMG, CECEP, Grant Thornton, BDO, Beijing Advertising Company, Hilti, Henkel, Fortune International Group and many more…

Students will work with their allocated host organisation from Monday to Friday and complete the relevant assessment tasks associated with the respective unit of study during their non-working hours. Students will travel with a leading academic from the Business School, who will teach the BUSS unit as well as provide supervision during the program.

Applications for the China program will open during semester 2 of the corresponding year of the program. A credit average and 48 credit points or two completed semesters are required to apply. Although spoken & written Mandarin skills are desirable they are not essential for all host organisations.

Students will receive 6 credit points towards their degree for successfully completing the program.


The Paris Placement Program provides a unique experience for students from both our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to work and study in Paris for six weeks during the winter vacation period - 23rd of June to the 1st of August 2014.

The six week placement will enable you to live and work in the heart of Paris and attend one of France's top universities ' SciencesPo. In addition to working for six weeks in either a public or private sector organisation students will study in the evenings for four weeks at SciencesPo. The course will focus on the EU and will include French language. Students will receive a total of 12 credit points towards their degree by successfully completing the relevant Business School unit of study in addition to a second unit of study based on French language and European Business studies.

In 2013 students worked with various organisations such as: the OECD, Austrade, Keolis, the World Bank, Exoe, Kimberley Wealth Management, Deloitte and others…

Students will travel with a leading academic from the Business School, who will teach the relevant Business School unit of study as well as provide supervision during the program.

Please go to the Paris Placement Program section for more information.

Placement Duration

Hosts confirm participation

Student Info Session

Applications Open

Online Application link

Assessment Centres

Winter Paris 2014

23 June to 2 August

30 May

6 March

12 - 1pm

Merewether Lecture Theatre 3

6 to 14 March

Applications are now closed

21 to 24 March


It was our intention to run a program for Postgraduate students in Geneva over the winter vacation i.e. 23 June to 1 August but due to a number of unexpected obstacles relating to visa requirements we are unable to finalise the program in time for 2014.

Please watch this space for other new and exciting programs that will be developed for the latter part of 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the Industry Placement Program (IPP)?

The IPP gives our top-performing students the opportunity to earn credit points towards their degree by working for a host organisation. Students work on real-life projects based on the needs of the organisation.

When do placements occur?

Placements can take place for 10 weeks part-time during both semester 1 & 2, as well as during the winter and summer vacation periods. During the vacation periods students are available to work fulltime for 5-6 weeks.

What level of skills will students possess and what kind of work will they do?

The program is open to competitively selected undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Business School. The students will be in their final/penultimate semester or year. They will work on projects assigned by the host organisation and their skills will be matched to suit the specified project.

Do the interns need any special skills?

Students from a diverse range of specialisations/majors can apply. The range of specialisations include: Accounting, Finance, Business Information Systems, Business Law, HR, Marketing, Banking, Project Management, Strategy & Innovation, Quantitative Business Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Logistics & Supply Chain Management & International Business. Depending on the project your organisation can request a student/s from any of the above areas of specialisation.

Are the students paid?

Students earn credit points towards their degree for participating in this program, they do not expect to be paid or to be guaranteed a job after the placement.

What about insurance?

Students are covered by the University of Sydney's public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We would expect that your organisation provides a safe working environment in accordance with work place Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Students will be required to complete a Work Health and Saftey checklist.

Is there much paper work?

No. We ask that you provide a description of the project/s that you expect the student to work on including any specific skills required. The student is required to draft a learning contract which defines the learning outcomes for their placement and they should review this with you. The student will also be required to complete the University supplied Work Health and Saftey checklist.

Will there be a lot of work in looking after an intern?

Students who successfully enrol in the program will be at a level where they are capable of working on projects either autonomously or within a team with minimal daily supervision. We expect that they will be able to add real value in terms of their knowledge and skills. They will be supported by an academic adviser and a program coordinator from the University.

What support can I expect?

Each placement is supported by an academic adviser and a program coordinator from the University. In addition the Careers Office within the Business School is the first point of contact for employers/host organisations.

What is the advantage in participating in the internship?

There is no cost to your organisation for having the additional resource that comes to you through participating in this program. There is also no assessment responsibility on your part. Students can be dedicated to a specific project or shared across multiple projects within an organisation. It is an opportunity to raise brand awareness and to highlight the benefits of working for your firm.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to discuss the program further please contact the Careers and Employability Office.


For more information contact Maria Luksich