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Postgraduate Coursework Studies


Business Information Systems (formerly titled 'Integrated Business Solutions')

In a digital economy the application of information is the key source of business success and business information systems (BIS) serve as the key enabler of innovation and operational efficiency.

Consistent with the University of Sydney Business School's emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach, the Business Information Systems (Integrated Business Solutions) specialisation in the M.Com aims to meet the increasing demand for professionals who possess the business acumen to understand and deliver a company's business systems and information requirements. The primary goal of the specialisation is to develop students with the skills required to assist organisations understand how information can deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and implement the necessary systems and organisational changes required to realise that promise. Students can develop expertise in industry leading tools and methodologies including SAP, business process modelling and assurance & control. In addition students will gain the softer skills - such as critical analysis, problem solving, report writing, group work and giving presentations - necessary if they are to succeed in an organisational setting.

Project Management

With intensified competition and constant innovation, business as usual is not an option for many organisations and they are having to initiate projects to enter new markets, launch new products or implement new systems. Unfortunately the successful completion of these projects is not guaranteed and in some areas the failure rate is more than 50%. The project management specialisation in the M.Com seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead projects from initiation through to completion and benefits realisation. Students learn the fundamentals of the leading PMBOK project management methodology and how to apply it in practice. They also develop skills in critical areas such as the application of statistical tools and techniques to assist decision making and working across cultures and geographies and develop a deep knowledge of specific project domains such as logistics or marketing.

The project management specialisation has been specifically designed to provide students with key skills needed to complement their chosen profession.

Further Information

For further information about either specialisation contact Sebastian Boell, the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.


Timetables for all Business Information Systems postgraduate units of study are available on the Business School website's postgraduate timetable pages.