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2018 BIS top students

Postgraduate Students

January Intensive

Xiaoyi He

Xiaoyi HeEqual First Place in INFS5001 - Project Management, January Intensive 2018

I have learnt how to use Microsoft Project to propose a project through the Gantt charts and network diagrams. This is a helpful tool for the project team to interpret the project systematically and clearly.

Project Management is important for my future working life because it delivers success. It helps establish a schedule and a plan, motivate teamwork, maximize resources, control costs and manage risk and quality.

Be skillful to use Microsoft Project and knowledge from PMBOK in practice, and often consult professors for advice about learning this course.

Harry William Lim

Harry William LimEqual First Place in INFS5001 - Project Management, January Intensive 2018

I major in accounting but chose to undertake some study in business information systems because I recognise its importance in organisational operations and reporting. I have a particular interest in data analytics and I particularly wanted equip myself with the information systems skills needed to implement reporting solutions that drive better decision-making.

The highlight of my BIS studies has been doing an intensive unit this summer, where I learnt practical skills in project management and applied them to case studies.

I advocate for all business students undertaking at least some study of information systems because the skills that such study offers are practical, transferable across industries and professions, and highly valued by employers.