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2017 BIS top students

Postgraduate Students

Semester 2

Xuan Wang

Xuan WangFirst Place in INFS5000 - Accounting Information Systems, S2 2017

Studying BIS made me realize the changes to the role of accountants. To survive in this competitive business world, accountants not only need to store, transfer and secure data, but also need to bring business intelligence to enterprises by analysing data. And under such circumstances, BIS becomes more and more important to accountants. Accountants equipped with BIS knowledge can bridge the gap between technology and finance departments, thus facilitating decision-making by using data analysis tools such as shadow data.

By studying BIS, I learned a lot on how to analyse data using different tools and operating different databases. BIS makes you understand the whole business processes. I also had an opportunity to use SAP and other software’s which were really exciting and helpful.

Alan Jackson

Alan JacksonFirst Place in INFS5002 - Digital Business Foundations, S2 2017

I was unsure of which major to pursue and had very little knowledge of information technology, yet knew that it was an area not to be ignored if I wanted to be able to relate to modern and emerging business practices. It appeared to me that modern businesses will have a digital dimension which becomes increasingly important in terms of innovation and competitive advantage.

The dynamic weekly seminars were always presented with tremendous enthusiasm and the broad spectrum of readings and preparation materials were well structured and thought provoking.

For students who are unsure of what this subject area may hold, I would recommend exploring this field through enrolling in this foundational unit.

Zareen Lazima

Zareen LazimaFirst Place in INFS6012 - Enterprise Systems Management, S2 2017

The world is becoming more technology dependent and this trend made me realize the potential that lies in the technology field. Studying BIS gives the perfect entryway for commerce students into the world of technology. It is the best of both worlds in my view, therefore I was highly motivated to study BIS.

I would like to work in the field that integrates big data in business and BIS to meet the varying goals of different organisations. While there are large data sets being collected very little is being used to the benefit of the organisations collecting it. BIS units such as Managing Business Intelligence are just the type of courses one needs to be able to bridge that gap. Hence, BIS courses are designed to perfectly shape the career field I am interested in.

Daniela Vidal Flores

Daniela Vidal FloresFirst Place in INFS6030 - Project Management in Practice, S2 2017

In such a dynamic world, we need to be able to adapt and understand that learning processes go beyond traditional management practices, therefore, through feedback, we get to know how information systems work.

The highlight of my studies has always been to work along with people from different cultures, discovering their strengths and perspectives, get new insights and different ways of thinking. During my masters, I have been able to learn different approaches on how to manage a project, but always bearing in mind that we need to adapt as new projects arise and the businesses change.

BIS courses keep students up to date on business trends, they also provide the foundations on how to adapt to a changing environment. They shape our future by providing us with the necessary tools to redefine our vision and to build leadership in every project we undertake.