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BIS Postgraduate Students - 2008

Naomi Bruce

First Place INFS6014, Semester 2, 2008

"BIS is becoming more critical to organisations due to the increase in dependence on technology and automation and its importance will increase moving forward. BIS also allows for students to reach into other areas of interest. For example I completed a HR and IR major as well as my BIS and am now placed on a HR/Payroll project. I tap into the knowledge that I have learnt in INFS course daily. It is priceless to be able to understand the specialised knowledge and experiences your lecturers and other students share with you during the course. Understanding BIS will be critical for organisations to succeed in the future to understand them will allow any student more opportunities in the future."

Bridgette Dang

Bridgette Dang

First Place INFS6001, Semester 2, 2008

"I highly recommend studying BIS because it's an area that's constantly growing and evolving as organisations are finding it necessary and essential to integrate the areas of business and information systems as part of their corporate business strategies. Not only will this field of study be valuable for students starting out in their careers, but also helpful for business managers and executives looking to keep up with critical skills. BIS courses have provided me with a good foundation and the necessary skills to tackle difficult issues and problems that arise in the every day work environment. For example, the subjects, BIS Management and Change Management, prepared me for dealing with the complexities and challenges of project planning and implementation of a new and large project at work. I was motivated to study BIS because the courses offered were interesting and I could see that they would be useful in my career. BIS subjects/courses can be useful for other students because the courses are not limited to having prior knowledge in any particular area because the material is flexible and practical for any given business field."