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Research Candidates

Current Business Information Systems Research Candidates

Research Candidates Profile

Shamim Ahmed

Shamim started his Phd research on a full-time basis from  Semester 2, 2012 and he is supported by the Business School scholarship. His  research area is Information Systems (IS) Risk Management in the Financial  Business Cloud. The research attempts to explore IS risks associated with cloud  models adopted by the financial firms. The focus is on end-to-end electronic  trading eg. FX, Stock trading, e-payments, etc which rely on real-time  Information Systems. He aims to carry out a case study using data from the  financial /banking sector.

Shamim worked for 15 years in various IT roles based in  Japan & Australia and he has experience with both Technology and Financial  companies, e.g. Intel, Savvis, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Deutsche Bank. During  the first 10 years he worked hands on in data centre operations and the last 5  years in IT Governance areas, ie. IT Change & Incident management as well  as Project Management, Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity Planning  (BCP) and IT Audit & Compliance.

Shamim has a Bachelor degree in International Relations  from the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) and a Masters degree in International  Business & Management from the International University of Japan (IUJ). He  is a member of several professional organizations including ISACA, AIS, ISOC (Internet  Society) and has been a guest lecturer in Bangladesh & Japan on Data centre  management and IT Governance topics.

Steven Issa

Steven's proposed PhD research is motivated by his work as Management Consulting practitioner and will explore Strategic Sourcing with particular focus on IT outsourcing. Steven plans to use the Cloud Computing phenomenon as his candidate technology and apply constructs such as capability maturity as well as success and risk variables in IT outsourcing.

Steven has completed a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology at The University of Sydney and received a first class honours for his thesis in Information Systems (e-commerce management).  He has worked in the private sector for over a decade for Tier 1 consultancies and most recently for a boutique management consultancy.  He plans to leverage this knowledge and experience in his part time research candidature.  

Max Soyref

Max holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney, specialising in Management, International Business and Finance. Prior to joining academia, Max worked in the chemical trading industry specialising in Eastern European markets and at the University of Sydney in a number of administrative positions.

Max's teaching expertise focuses on first-year introductory business units, strategic management and competitive advantage. His strong commitment to teaching has been acknowledged by multiple Dean's Citations for Tutoring and nominations for the Business School Excellence in Tutoring Award.

Max's research interests include Corporate Strategy and Information Security. His current thesis project explores contemporary approaches to information security strategy in Australian businesses. Key stakeholders are being consulted in this research including representatives from leading business organisations, government organisations, consultants and IT companies.

Joanne Orsatti

Jo's PhD research is looking at how people shape their organisational and professional identities through their engagement with organisational social media. Jo is also working on ways to understand motivation and participation in organisational social media communities. Jo has a long standing research in the ways people use technology to generate and share knowledge. Prior to joining the Business School, Jo lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney in the areas of information design, creation and architecture and knowledge discovery.

Jo holds a Masters of Information Studies (Research) from The University of New South Wales and has completed degrees in Information Management as well as a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Philosophy and Science and Technology Studies.