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2016 BIS top students

Undergraduate students

Semester 1

Jennifer Debenham

Jennifer DebenhamFirst Place in INFS3070 Business Analysis in Practice, S1 2016

I wanted to learn a skill at university, something practical I could take to the workforce, so taking BIS has taught me how to use SAP, how to model processes and in doing so I realised I would like to be a business analyst and work into consulting. Hopefully I can use the skills from BIS to identify issues, model processes, design solutions and implement programs for businesses.

Data and systems are the future and getting insight into how this data is collected, stored and used is relevant to every living person now. The courses teach you how to cut through overwhelming volumes of information and scaled enterprises through simple modelling techniques and processes to follow. I learnt more in BIS than other classes because of the real case studies than give you decent analytical practice.

Vincey Wing Sz Au

Vincey Wing Sz AuFirst Place in INFS3050 Business Intelligence for Managers, S1 2016

I would definitely recommend any student to take BIS units, even as an elective, because every BIS subject I have taken has been so engaging and relevant to my career. BIS compliments virtually any major, so really, you lose absolutely nothing.

I initially intended to major in Accounting, so I took BIS for the CPA accreditation, but I ended up enjoying the subjects so much that I switched majors. I’ve continued to stay in this major because every subject I’ve taken in this discipline has been so fun and engaging.

The highlight of my BIS studies was probably being able to join BISA! It’s been a really great place to make friends who are as interested in business technology as much as you are!

Fiona Lam

Fiona LamFirst Place in INFS2030 Digital Business Management, S1 2016

I was motivated to study BIS because I really appreciated how it encouraged forward thinking and focused on developing the ability to solve complex business problems within an increasingly technology-driven business world.

The highlight of my BIS studies has been the practical application of theory in individual and group projects. It is truly rewarding to be able to recognise how the key concepts and methodologies can be applied to real-world business scenarios.

I would definitely recommend students to undertake BIS subjects as the ability to bridge the gap between people, business and technology is incredibly relevant as technology trends, more than ever, continue to change and shape the business landscape. Your ability to understand and adapt to these trends will be highly regarded.

Semester 2

Margaret Austen

Margaret AustenFirst Place in INFS3030 Information, Protection and Assurance, S2 2016

As a combined engineering and commerce student, I’ve always had an interest in technology and its uses to improve society, including its use in business. BIS is used in such a fashion to provide business support, enable growth and challenge the status quo.

The highlight of my BIS studies was the focus on practical applications and experience through connecting with industry through guest lectures or assessment tasks. In particular, several subjects provided opportunities to consult for both small and large business to provide recommendations and observations regarding information systems such as process improvement initiatives and knowledge management strategies. In return I received valuable feedback and information regarding industry perspectives on information systems and their practical use in the business environment.

I would recommend BIS courses to other students of all majors as they give a valuable understanding of technology and its many applications within the business environment, whilst creating a mindset of constantly seeking out opportunities by which business processes can be improved to work more efficiently and effectively.

Gayoon Kim

Gayoon KimFirst Place in INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation, S2 2016

I was motivated to study BIS as many senior students and graduates introduced BIS course as interesting subjects to study. Also, during an information session held by the student society, several professionals working as business analysts in the fields, emphasised how BIS leads to prospective job opportunities that are very unlikely to be replaced by computer technology.

Studying a BIS course helped me develop communication skills, learning how to work with others. The course provided various experiences that involved discussion and interaction. It will be a valuable foundation for future career as for having positive relationships with co-workers, and effectively expressing my opinion.

I would recommend BIS subjects, as the course is highly substantial and demonstrates knowledge with an illuminating exposition. The course requires not only the understanding of theoretical concepts, but also the acquisition of practical skills.

Linda Taing

Linda TaingFirst Place in INFS2001 IS for Performance Improvement, S2 2016

I initially enrolled into INFS1000 to achieve a professional accounting accreditation. However, I enjoyed the unit more than I anticipated and subsequently changed my major to BIS. Each BIS unit has challenged and developed my problem solving skills and analytical thinking and explores current practices and trends in this digital/data age. The highlight of my BIS studies is the Team Based Learning (TBL) sessions unique to BIS which integrates practical learning experiences in applying theory to real and hypothetical business cases.

All BIS subjects will prepare students with the right skills to execute business problems in the professional working environment. The skills you acquire from BIS are highly sought-after.

If you’re ensure about whether to pursue BIS as a major or require assistance in your BIS unit, the BIS staff are extremely helpful and approachable.

Zura Sikharulidze

Zura SikharulidzeFirst Place in INFS2040 Project Management Foundations, S2 2016

I have always been passionate about the application of technology through a business lens and have learnt how – if implemented appropriately – it has the power to provide unprecedented improvements to a business, its employees and the greater society.

It was remarkable to discover how applicable the BIS units are to the business world. The content you learn and the way of thinking that you attain from the BIS major is genuinely relevant in industry.

The BIS major has provided me with critical knowledge and a unique way of thinking that will undoubtedly aid me in my future career.

If you are passionate about technology and viewing business through a big picture, process-centric lens, then BIS is for you.