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2017 BIS Semester 1 top students

Undergraduate students

Semester 1

Mingxuan (Michelle) Zhou

Mingxuan (Michelle) Zhou First Place in INFS1000 - Digital Business Innovation, S1 2017

Business innovation and data analysis are the future of business, so getting insight into how this works is relevant to everybody. Every BIS subject teaches you some practical knowledge that you can take to the workforce, and real world case studies also teaches you how to think critically.

The highlights were finding the connection of how theory fitted into real world examples, and how businesses all over the world have been using BIS knowledge to innovate their businesses. I find the study truly rewarding, as it is highly relevant to future work. Technology and improved methods have the power to optimise current business methods, and prepare businesses for future changes.

Amy O’Neill

Amy O’NeillFirst Place in INFS2001 - IS for Performance Improvement, S1 2017

A particular highlight in my studies was a project in Business Intelligence which involved building a Data Visualisation Application. I gained first-hand experience in gathering, processing and analysing data to discover trends and insights that are critical for business success.

BIS is not only about technology, but it is also about people, businesses and their synergy with greater society. BIS subjects encourage problem solving and teamwork, and will provide valuable knowledge to students from any major. By studying BIS, I developed an invaluable understanding of business processes, project management, data analytics and performance improvement. It enabled me to develop practical and highly sought-after skills that are essential for any senior business role.

The content you learn in BIS is intellectually challenging, rewarding and genuinely relevant to any future career.

Lamiya Hanif

Lamiya HanifFirst Place in INFS2020 - Business Process Modelling & Improvement, S1 2017

I decided to study BIS hoping that I’d gain an in-depth understanding of how businesses operate and the manner in which they are rapidly changing due to technological advances. The most rewarding aspect of studying BIS is how the skills I’ve learnt in class from doing case studies has been easily transferable to understanding issues that arise in real businesses.

I would definitely recommend other students to at least take a couple of BIS subjects since it will help them better grasp how businesses are evolving and how they would adapt to technological changes as a business professional.

Tracy Trieu

Tracy TrieuEqual First Place in INFS3070 - Business Analysis in Practice, S1 2017

I chose to study BIS as I wanted to gain more analytical skills to complement my soft skills. With the data revolution and big data becoming increasingly important in businesses, understanding how IT and IS can be utilised to make better business decisions has become very relevant. The highlight of my BIS studies has been the opportunity to work on solving real life business issues with diverse groups of individuals.

I would recommend other students to study BIS as the industry is rapidly growing and jobs in the field are in high demand. The practical skills and knowledge you learn through BIS will help you add value to any company. The content learnt is also interesting as it addresses trends and issues that would affect all industries.