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2017 BIS Semester 2 top students

Undergraduate students

Semester 2

Nuo Ella Chen

Nuo Ella ChenFirst Place in INFS1000 - Digital Business Innovation, S2 2017

This unit is very interesting and relevant to the current business environment. It teaches practical techniques, models and frameworks that can be applied to our future career’s. The active team-based learning (TBL) promotes problem-solving and critical thinking, which makes the unit engaging and rewarding.

The highlight was learning to work effectively in a team environment. The unit has a strong focus on team-based learning. I was very fortunate to join a team of highly committed and intelligent members. We were able to use our strengths to learn from each other and collaborate effectively to achieve great results. I also learned how to contribute actively and positively in group projects.

The practical knowledge of BIS studies is extremely useful in the workforce as “information systems permeate every organisation and every business”, while the soft skills developed through studying BIS courses are those which are required by future employment.

Christine Capolino

Christine CapolinoFirst Place in INFS2001 - IS for Performance Improvement, S2 2017

I have completed BIS units as part of a double degree of a Bachelor of Law/ Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting. I appreciate that BIS is a growing field and so studying these units can provide opportunities for my future career. I had also heard of the valuable knowledge and skills that students acquire from studying BIS.

I would recommend other students to undertake BIS subjects as BIS teaches fundamental skills, like mapping business processes and implementing projects that can be scaled and applied to various situations and to businesses in different industries. It is also valuable for students to be introduced to the fundamentals of new technologies which are expected to be widely used by businesses in the near future. My advice to future BIS students would be to think outside the box and to come up with innovative solutions for assignments. Be open minded when learning about new technologies.