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BIS Top Achieving Students

Richard Zhang

Richard Zhang

First Place in INFS2020 Business Process Modelling and Improvement, S2 2015

BIS is one of the few majors that encourages logical thinking, and hones your ability to solve complex problems in the business world.

The highlight of my BIS studies thus far has been the industry exposure I have received in different classes. Lecturers frequently invite industry professionals to class to give talks on their experience and how the methodologies we learn are utilised in the real world.

BIS enabled me to interpret the language of technology oriented people. This is crucial in a world where technology is becoming more and more integrated in businesses and the industry. Studying BIS will fulfil my desire to understand technology, whilst also increasing the prospects of securing my dream career.

Undertaking a BIS major will enable you to understand the synergy between technology and business, and will ultimately differentiate you from any other graduate. I would highly recommend to any student considering a BIS major to take INFS1000 as it is a great introduction to the field and will help you determine whether you are interested or not in BIS.

Daniel Sokol

Daniel Sokol

First Place in INFS2020 Business Process Modelling and Improvement, S2 2015

The skills gained in BIS are increasingly important and are great skills to have moving forward with my career.

The highlight of my BIS studies is likely to be the practical application of concepts through group projects. You have the opportunity to use real life case studies to apply key concepts, and make recommendations for certain industries. I found the projects to be interesting, as well as challenging.

After just completing my commerce degree, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each BIS course I have undertaken.

If you are passionate about the technological space, but do not wish to do tech-heavy things such as programming – this major is right for you!

Sue Qian

Sue Qian

First Place in INFS2010 People Information and Knowledge, S2 2015

While I am not majoring in BIS, I was motivated to study it because of how useful and practical it is for understanding aspects of the commercial world. In particular, I observed that BIS builds a bridge between people and technology and thus, facilitates communication when tackling complex business problems in a logical way.

I think that BIS courses allow students to develop essential business problem solving and critical thinking skills that will help them thrive in their future careers and differentiate themselves from other job candidates and colleagues.

I found that analysing everyday business situations through a BIS lens allowed me to realise the practicality of the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom.

I would definitely recommend other students to undertake BIS subjects

Seoyeong Ha

Seoyeong Ha

First Place in INFS2040 Project Management Foundations, S2 2015

To be honest, I did not know what BIS was about when I was a first year student. My interest towards BIS was initiated when I took INFS1000, which was one of the compulsory units for CPA accreditation. I was fascinated by the idea of capturing the business processes into diagrams and visualising things that I thought abstract. I realised that documenting and visualising what everyone seems to know into a clear format is critical especially in the modern world where businesses are flooded with information.

BIS courses will help me in the future for sure as there is an increasing job demand from the business of BIS graduates or experts.

I would definitely recommend other students to undertake BIS courses or at least one BIS subject.

Please do not hesitate to go to consultations and get help whenever required. I feel every lecturer of BIS is so passionate and friendly.

Min Joowon

Min  Joowon

First Place in INFS2001 IS for Performance Improvement, S2 2015

Even if you are not studying commerce degree or undertaking BIS major, I would recommend every student to undertake BIS subjects. BIS courses help you develop and improve really valuable skills (such as logical thinking, teamwork skills, communication skills) that will assist you not only in your working environment in the future but also in your everyday life.

Team projects and assignments were challenging at first. However, such aspect of BIS studies pushed me further and helped me improve a lot on teamwork and communication skills, which I think is one of the most important skills in business environment.

Brianna King

Brianna King

First Place in INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation, S2 2015

I initially choose INFS1000 as a part of the CA accreditation for my accounting major. Yet the content was highly engaging and seemed extremely relevant, encouraging me to continue with BIS as another major.

BIS is everywhere, as every business and organisation will require information systems and business processes to be successful. Hence any BIS course is extremely relevant and invaluable to any future career, as it provides the skills to analyse any business in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness that determine overall success.

I would strongly recommend other students to take BIS units, as the content is highly applicable to a world shifting towards a greater digital presence.

Take BIS with an open mind, and you might surprise yourself. When I first started the unit I had my doubts, but it truly was an interesting and engaging area of study. The Team-Based Learning (TBL) sessions are a great way to learn, where you immediately process and apply the weekly content whilst forging strong friendships with your peers.