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BIS Students - 2009

Mary Hu

Mary Hu

First Place, INFS2001, S2, 2009

"I'm aware that computer information systems are becoming increasingly important in the digital age, so I decided BIS subjects could help me gain a better understanding of this.

Having worked a few casual jobs in accounting, it became apparent that the practical application of accounting extends further than just debits and credits and requires an understanding of information systems. BIS courses helped bridge this gap.

I most enjoyed doing the group project in INFS 2001. The project involved not only modelling information systems but also analysing the business processes of a firm and suggesting ways they could be improved. My group members were great to work with and I had fun imagining I was a business analyst and how I could add value to the firm.

I would recommend other students to undertake BIS courses, in particular if they are considering a career in accounting."

Matthew Hoy

Matthew Hoy

First Place INFS2020 and INFS2030 S2, 2009

"I wanted to complete a second major that would compliment my IT major and I felt that the skills gathered within a BIS major would allow me to easily cross the lines between technical and business analysts while also giving me a unique viewpoint on the interactions between business needs and technical constraints.

I think business will view my previous BIS experience as a foundation on which they can build, while also allowing me to utilise the skills and networks I have built to contribute towards my career."

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

First Place INFS3040, Semester 2, 2009

"As with all university subjects its great to know that your learning is applicable to more than end-of-year exams. Most BIS lecturers will invite industry specialists to present to the class in the final weeks of the semester and it is so rewarding, after 13 weeks of learning, to be able to ask questions insightful enough to warrant a proper discussion. It gives an opportunity to interact with the subject matter outside of the university's learning environment.

The content of the courses opens your eyes to real issues and decisions facing businesses today and provides the requisite skills and experience to solve them.

I would definitely recommend BIS courses. All BIS subjects are grounded in real-life case studies and present difficult problems, often without a definitive solution. This helps build the analytical skills required in the marketplace and the ability to take theoretical knowledge and apply it to practical implementation."