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BIS Students - 2011

Fabian Buendia Alpuente

Fabian Buendia Alpuente

First Place - INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation, S2, 2011

I am a marketing student who loves how the internet is changing every industry. I'm focusing my career to be a Product Manager in an online company. Taking BIS courses was a perfect complement to my studies and I really enjoyed it.

BIS courses contribute to my general understanding of Information Systems and help me integrate my skills of technology with my knowledge of business management.

Technology is changing the way businesses interact within themselves and with their clients. Every company will need to implement Information Systems not only to gain competitive advantages, but also to avoid being in a weak competitive position.

Mike Li

Mike Li

First Place - INFS2020 Business Process Modelling and Improvement, S2, 2011

After being introduced to business information systems through INFS1000, I realised that BIS threads together the many functions of an organisation. Information systems act as the foundation of modern businesses and even the smallest of companies rely upon them to survive and thrive.

Studying business information systems allowed me to practise a wide variety of skills such as analysis, critical thinking and the ability to solve the issues facing today's businesses. As well as this, BIS is a rapidly expanding field with ever increasing employment opportunities.

I would definitely encourage other students to take BIS courses because of its wide applicability and the valuable skills you gain. They are able to complement any major and are very enjoyable at the same time.

Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson

First Place - INFS3050 Business Intelligence for Managers, S2, 2011

Like many high school students entering university, I knew very little about business information systems and I wasn't sure what to expect when I enrolled in my first BIS subject (INFS1000). But as the semester progressed, I began to comprehend the significance of BIS and how it permeates every business. I decided to select BIS as my major due to its practical applications, its relevance to any industry, the variety of perspectives it draws on and the way in which it requires you to think creatively and collaborate with others in order to solve challenging business problems.

Studying BIS has opened up many doors for me - I have served my fellow students as VP of BISA (the BIS student society), participated in the Agile 2011 conference in Salt Lake City and more recently competed in CaseIT, an international undergraduate MIS competition hosted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

I would recommend undertaking a BIS major to students who are looking for a varied career, enjoy learning and collaborating with others.

Eddy Cai

Eddy Cai

First Place - INFS3080 Business Information Systems Projects, S1, 2011

The highlight of my studies was being given the opportunity to participate in the BIS Industry Placement Program. It proved to be a very rewarding experience - to appreciate the usefulness and relevance of what had been taught at the university in a corporate context.

I have previously, and will continue to recommend other students to undertake BIS studies due to its relevance in the corporate environment. It complements well with most commerce majors and it will definitely broaden career prospects.

My advice for any future BIS students is to definitely apply to the industry placement program - not only to gain relevant experience whilst studying, but also realise the usefulness of what has been taught throughout the degree and have the opportunity to network.

Joshua Spencer

Joshua Spencer

First Place - INFS2030 e-Commerce Business Management, S1, 2011

My BIS experience has been continually increasing in enjoyment, and the process modelling subject which I am currently completing is proving to be an immensely interesting and fun course. The hands-on section of the lecture is particularly enjoyable, as we get the opportunity to use proper modelling software, and apply real-world business situations.

The skills and knowledge you learn through a BIS major are highly applicable and relevant to any possible 'commerce' career path; no matter what industry or position you choose to work in, the BIS discipline will teach you how to interact with a business itself by giving you a deeper understanding regarding the operations and functions of a business.

Furthermore, business are increasingly opening up to the idea of having BIS specialist teams who operate between management and IT technicians; BIS is becoming a highly sought after and business-relevant position.

All BIS subjects have interesting and useful applications, especially in a professional context. I would strongly recommend BIS as a primary major to anyone interested in learning more about the management of information systems, and also as a secondary major to anyone who wishes to complement another major with a more comprehensive understanding businesses and invaluable skills which can be easily applied to any other area.

Kalani Gayanika Seneviratne-Epa

Kalani Gayanika Seneviratne-Epa

First Place- INFS3040 Enterprise Systems & Integrated Business

I was motivated to study BIS and take it up as one of my majors because of its relevance across all industries. When I first joined university I was undecided as to which career path I would choose to pursue in the field of commerce. However, after taking a few lectures in my first INFS unit I quickly realised that knowledge in BIS would complement whatever type of work I end up doing because even the smallest of firms today use BIS to support their processes and decision making.

The highlight of my BIS studies was being chosen to undertake a nine week industry placement.

Having knowledge in BIS has helped me secure a graduate position in IT advisory with one of the world's leading professional services firms so I would definitely recommend students who are interested in such a career path to take up BIS as a major. The BIS units are well taught at University of Sydney and I have really enjoyed taking them.

My advice would be to make the most of Sydney Uni's BIS units, specially the work placement opportunity as the career prospects for a BIS major are countless.