Funders and Supporters

Multiple Avenues for Support and Involvement

There are multiple layers of support that will be gratefully received including:

Nature of involvement Examples of support Setting

Time & expertise

Guest speakers

Classrooms - Teaching

Workshop leaders Competitions etc - Outreach
Mentoring Research & classrooms - Research and Teaching
Judging panel Classrooms - Teaching

Provision of projects

Consulting projects

Classrooms - Teaching

New business development projects Classrooms - Teaching

Research settings & support

Research settings for honours students

In-business - Research

Research settings for PhD students
Research settings for the Business School

Financial support

A range of initiatives require ongoing financial support as set out below, including; research, scholarships, outreach activities, events sponsorship etc…

See below - Research and Outreach


Advisory board member

Business School - Research and Outreach

Financial support

This involvement can be structured in a number of ways, whether aligned to a particular unit of study, research programme, outreach activity, or student-led competition.

Indicative dollars* Focus Beneficiary

2,000 - 5,000

Prize for best performance in Unit of Study

Prizes for best performance in Business-Planning Competition

Enrolled (entrepreneurship) students

Enrolled (across the University or Business School) students

5,000 - 10,000

Research scholarship for honours student

Tailored workshop series

Enrolled (entrepreneurship) honours student (1 year)

Enrolled (entrepreneurship) students

20,000 - 30,000

Research scholarship for PhD student

International scholarship (coursework)

Outreach and events support

Enrolled (entrepreneurship) PhD student (3 years)

Enrolled (entrepreneurship) students

Administrative staff (can be a part-time student), community, enrolled students

30,000 +

Tailored research project

Business School researcher

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Outreach activity

Research assistant, post-doctoral student etc.

Researcher (contract)


Administrative staff, community, enrolled students

*Note - Due to administrative costs, these amounts represent an annual commitment (for three years or more)

These involvements can be named or anonymous as required.

Benefits and Rewards

  • Staff development through mentoring, guest speaking and involvement in our community and social enterprise projects
  • Student brand recognition and engagement
  • Recognition in thought-leadership
  • Access to research outcomes
  • Network building through the University's numerous partnerships
  • Community development opportunities and engagement
  • Brand exposure through close student engagement, and our numerous public profiles (website, annual reports, on campus promotion, events, networks etc…)
  • Involvement and influence on the education and development of our future workforce participants and entrepreneurs