Enterprises engaged in Innovation and Enterprise teaching program


Unit Company Overview

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

Aquadecors Pty Ltd. (Aquagenie)

Students worked on Information Memoranda for Aquadecors (now Aquagenie Australia Pty Ltd), a small family business based in Perth, Australia, that specialised in designing and manufacturing aquarium related products for commercial and private use. They invented Aquagenie, a unique and efficient aquarium filtration system which has since achieved national and international success.

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

Barefoot Power Pty Ltd.

"Students worked on Information Memoranda for Barefoot Power Pty Ltd a business, established in 2005 in Australia by two engineers, Harry Andrews and Stewart Craine. Barefoot was concerned with energy supply in developing nations, with an initial focus on providing kerosene alternative lighting products in developing Pacific nations (PNG). Barefoot have since undertaken international consultancies, developed significant global support, and built a team of competent staff."

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

Canteen Creek Honey Project

Students prepared Information Memoranda to generate funding for a proposed business to be launched in an Aboriginal community located in the Northern Territory. The business was to be in honey production operating in the Australian souvenir market, aiming to engage locals, encourage education of transferble skills and promote emploment in the community.

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

What Was That Pty Ltd.(GigTxt)

Students prepared Information Memoranda for What Was That™ Pty Ltd, a small business started by a highly active and energetic young entrepreneur in Melbourne. The company offers advertising services to music bands and venues throughout Australia via Short Message Service (SMS) on mobile phone handsets.

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

That Is Pty Ltd. (Medical Angel Software)

Students prepared information Memoranda for medical software packages for doctors and websites set up for patient information.

IBUS6012 (Business Growth and Innovation)


Desart is an association that supports a network of Aboriginal owned and operated art centers founded for the purpose of improving the self sufficiency of the Aboriginal community. Students worked on an Information Memorandum with the aim of building a viable and sustainable business model for Desart to leverage the potential of commercial aboriginal design, and enter the international market.

IBUS6012 (Business Growth and Innovation)

Air Change Pty Ltd.

"Students worked on Information Memoranda for international expansion of Air Change Pty Ltd., then a thriving company operating across Australia manufacturing simple, well-designed heat exchangers which allow for systems that are energy/cost efficient and simple in design. They specifically identified the best country and mode of entry for these products. Air Change has continued to grow in recent years and in April 2010, became a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange to further expand its operations, under the name Air Change International Limited. Air Change Australia Pty Ltd. remains the Australian operating subsidiary company with its engineering and manufacturing operations located in Sydney."

IBUS6012 (Business Growth and Innovation)

The Stephen Sanig Research Institute (SSRI)

Students worked on Information Memoranda for The Stephen Sanig Research Institute (SSRI) a company aiming to produce solutions to the worldwide problem of meningococcal disease. Focus was on a new vaccine which would cover 90% of the strains, and was particularly effective against type B; it could greatly reduce the incidence of meningococcal disease worldwide. Funding was sought in order to progress to a stage in development where it was possible to license out the production and distribution rights to a large pharmaceutical company.