Enterprises engaged in Innovation and Enterprise teaching program


Unit Company Overview

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

HerbSafe (herb-drug interaction database)

Students worked on an Information Memorandum regarding a herb-drug interaction database developed by the University of Sydney’s Herbal Medicine Research and Education Centre (HMREC); with a recommendation to spin-off 100% of the HMREC database IP into a new company known as HerbSafe®, to be owned by private and Not-for-Profit interests. This would create a structure to raise the necessary capital by selling share interests in HerbSafe® and being eligible for Commonwealth and State grant funding.

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Universal Rocks Pty Ltd.

Students worked on Investment Memoranda aimed at generating funding for expansion of Universal Rocks Pty Ltd. to the USA Founded in Australia in 1997 by Stuart Dunne, the company has grown from only one employee to a large, thriving international company.

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Flat Out Bears Pty Ltd.

"Students worked on Information Memoranda regarding the expansion of Flat Out Bears from Australia to new markets. Started by two sisters in Sydney, the company, which produces unique handmade sheepskin flat bear toys, now export to the USA, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand."

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Tennant Creek Welders

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Divorce Site