Enterprises engaged in Innovation and Enterprise teaching program


Unit Company Overview

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

Yaama Dhiyaan

Students contributed towards a business development plan for Yaama Dhiyaan (YD), a Sydney based not-for-profit hospitality training organisation serving the indigenous community, which also operated a small catering service. The plan was addressed to YD’s management and included a strategic analysis of Yaama Dhiyaan’s operations and a proposal to create a corporate entity leveraging on their strengths in indigenous cuisine. Yaama Dhiyaan now runs a successful Function Centre and cafe, specialising in modern Australian cuisine using Indigenous produce and flavours, as well as offering off site catering.

IBUS6011 (New Business Opportunities and Startups)

Biosignal Ltd

Students prepared an Information Memorandum addressed to GlaxoSmithKline regarding Biosignal, a Sydney-based biotechnology company that developed and patented a novel and effective range of compounds, which inhibit bacterial growth and accumulation; specifically, for the commercialisation of Biosignal’s proprietary anti biofilm technology in consumer oral care products such as toothpaste. This technology had already been commercialised for oil, gas and contact lens applications.

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

180 Degrees Consulting

Students worked on Information Memoranda to generate funding to build 180 Degrees Consulting, an international non-profit student consultancy which aimed to have groups of students developing innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to real-life problems and working with and consulting for organizations and communities around the world affected by these problems.

IBUS3103 undergrad (Global Enrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Vitaman Pty Ltd.

Students worked on Investor Memoranda and ideas for expansion of Vitaman Pty Ltd., a company offering a range of Australian made male grooming and spa products formulated utilising the ancient wisdom of Australian indigenous people through unique native plant extracts.