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RARE Projects

Paddock to Plate (Sue Ogilvy)

Sustainable farmers are looking for an effective method of selling their produce directly to consumers, from paddock to plate, to realise the value otherwise captured by the large food retailers. The challenges these individual farmers face include scale, seasonal variability, lack of resources, market presence, and inefficient distribution, amongst others. This project will require the development of a business model that will connect sustainable farmers directly to consumers and support the efficient and effective delivery of value, and the transaction process. The intention is to create and deliver social, environmental and economic value to farmers and their communities, while providing consumers the opportunity to support sustainable food produce through independent and informed choices.

Sue Ogilvy and Danny O'Brien are social entrepreneurs, building and running businesses that as well as being financially viable in the new economy, are focused on improving environmental and social performance. Both with 20 years of experience in the corporate IT world,  Sue (with a BSc. in Physics, a Masters of Marketing, and experience in Sales, Marketing, and Sales Management) and Danny (with a BSc. in Computer Science, and deep technical and business management experience) are leveraging those entrepreneurial skills to develop knowledge and solutions that produce food, fibre and fuel using production methods that have high socio-ecological integrity and are generating Intragenerational as well as intergenerational equity.

Sue and Danny are based out at the Brindabella Ranges West of Canberra, and work with farmers, farming professionals, pastoralists and natural resource managers throughout Australia.