RARE Projects

Tjutjunaku Worka Tjuta Inc. (TWT)

Youth hub and online learning centre

Demographically youth represent over 40.6% of the Ceduna population. A high proportion of these individuals have disengaged from school, training and employment servicing because of the lack of appropriate coordination and referral programs.

Tjutjunaku Worka Tjuta Inc. is developing a youth hub and online learning centre in Ceduna to address the high levels of youth disengagement. The youth hub will provide a coordinated offering of training and employment services and referral programs, working with a range of youth service providers. The benefits include greater visibility of and accessibility to these services, and the coordination of the regions youth programs enabling a more holistic and far reaching engagement.

RARE Students will be involved in the venture's business development and planning for its long term viability. Collaboration with Tjutjunaku Worka Tjuta Inc, and other key stakeholders and community users is essential to this project, and students will spend a week or two engaging with the community and venture partners.