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Broken Hill book launch Broken Hill landscape Broken Hill project

RARE Projects

Broken Hill

Broken Hill is a remote city in New South Wales with a long rich history of mining. While mining is still a prominent economic driver, the city is looking to nurture its surprisingly strong creative industry, including 35 independent art galleries, numerous art residencies, and a local Film studio. The community vision is to expand these creative activities and enterprises to create training and employment opportunities, and attract people to the region.

Project 1

In September 2011 three RARE students, completing the unit Creative Industries and Enterprise, visited Broken Hill to conduct research for their group projects. They conducted numerous interviews and met with a range of community stakeholders to develop business proposals that were both financially viable, and provided training and employment opportunities to youths in the creative industries. In November the students presented their ideas to their client, the Broken Hill Art Exchange, and received positive feedback for their practical and innovative approaches.

Project 2

Our initial engagement attracted the attention of Broken Hill City Council who engaged RARE to support their planning for the reinvigoration of the Old Power Station site. In July 2012 a team of cross-disciplinary students from Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, and Innovation and Enterprise Program in the Business School spent two weeks developing integrated architectural designs and business plans for the site. Four common themes were integral to their projects; sustainability, arts, indigenous culture and education. The 22 students immersed themselves in Broken Hill's community, consulting multiple stakeholders to understand its history, its future opportunities and the people's vision.

The students' projects were well received by the Council, and further engagement is being planned to progress their development.

While in Broken Hill the RARE group were interviewed by Southern Cross News, and an article written in the local paper, Barrier Daily Truth

(Courtesy Southern Cross News)

Watch the video (2:20 mins)
Download the video (16.35Mb)

Architecture and Business School student book launch in Broken Hill

Richard Seymour and Michael Tawa revisited Broken Hill in November 2012 to launch the book 'Broken Hill Central Power Station: The University of Sydney architecture and enterprise' in partnership with the Broken Hill City Council. The book showcases the student projects completed over winter in July 2012, presenting elements of both the architectural master plans, and business plans. RARE would like to thank the three architecture students - Lilian Main, Kevin Liu, and Shuang Wu - for composing the book.

Further RARE projects are being planned for 2013 with the Broken Hill City Council. These projects will build upon the ideas and plans already delivered, and tackle new opportunities and challenges.