RARE Projects

Cultural Camps, Walan Jineras (Wollombi, NSW)

Walan Jineras (meaning 'strong woman') is a specialist support group for Aboriginal women within the NSW Women's Refuge Movement. A recent initiative of the incorporated body is their Cultural Camps, hosted on a property at Wollombi in NSW. The Cultural Camps bring together both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants from across WRM's services to increase awareness of issues facing Aboriginal women, children and communities, and assist in the provision of culturally appropriate responses.

The two camps held between 2011 and 2012 were a great success, with up to 60 participants. There is potential to expand and include participants from outside the WRM network, providing greater awareness of and engagement with Aboriginal culture, and a revenue earning activity for the organisation. RARE has been engaged to explore the validity of running these camps as a social enterprise, whereby profits will be used to fund Walan Jinera's core activities in support of Aboriginal women.