RARE Projects

Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC)


Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC) is a not-for-profit organisation servicing indigenous communities in the whole of Western NSW, from the Victoria to Queensland borders. There are 16 communities in this region, many of which are critically disadvantaged by remoteness. MPREC's social venture is a Laundromat in Walgett. The venture will provide a real business environment for training and capacity building while providing the community with their own sustainable enterprise to run and manage. The Laundromat will be servicing both the public and commercial markets, and is one of many MPREC initiatives.

RARE students will develop a proposal for the laundromat's staged development, paying particular attention to marketing and branding, opportunities for sustainable revenue streams, and its integration into MPREC's other programs and activities.