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Construction of the shipping container library/cinema Indigenous Garden design

RARE Projects

The Green - Resource Recovery

The Green is a three year community project designed to showcase sustainable living and building practices, and provide opportunities for social engagement for the Great Lakes Community. It is run from a waste management site, and provides numerous opportunities and resources for accredited training and skills development, artistic experimentation and workshops promoting 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.

The Green is currently funded by the Department of Human Services NSW, ending in late 2013. To ensure its long-term economic viability, the team is scoping and piloting enterprise opportunities that will allow The Green to operate as an independent social venture. The Green recently won the 2011 Local Government Innovation in Waste award for such initiatives.

The RARE Program has been invited to partake in this exciting stage of exploration and development. Through action-research projects RARE students will collaboratively explore the feasibility of green-waste sales and operations, and scope the opportunities for e-waste management. The Green's strong community focus will require students to engage with the local people and ensure social outcomes are being integrated at every level.