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Research Students

Some Current International Business PhD Students

Research Student Thesis Topic Thesis Description

Susan Wong

Development and utilization of international business network for knowledge transfer and value creation: A comparative study of internationalizing SMEs in Australia's and China's creative industries.

This study seeks to explore the mechanism whereby network structure can be utilized to facilitate knowledge transfer for a balanced combination of exploration and exploitation learning strategy in the context of internationalizing entrepreneurial SMEs. The major theories that this study draws on are strategic management theory (RBV and KBV) and network theory within the domain of international entrepreneurship. A multidisciplinary approach will be adopted in attempting to explain the complex phenomenon of development and utilization of international business network ties in different environments.

Professor Sid Gray is supervising this project

Abz Sharma

Life After Death: The Routinisation of Charismatic Leadership at Three Technology Firms

This thesis investigates how Hewlett-Packard Inc., Intel Corporation, and Apple Inc. have attempted to build and sustain organisational cultures that carry on the mission and work of their influential founders. His project is supervised by Associate Professor Catherine Welch.