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International Business Seminars

All seminars (unless otherwise advised) are held between 12.00pm and 1.30pm in the Meeting Rooms indicated below.

All enquiries should be directed to Betina Szkudlarek

Please RSVP to for catering purposes.

Upcoming Seminars

  • Publishing in International Business: Strategies, Tactics, and Pitfalls

    Prof Jonathan Doh, Villanova University

    9th Feb 2015  12:00 pm - The Boardroom, Darlington Centre

    Speaker: Jonathan Doh is the Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business, founding Director of the Center for Global Leadership, and Professor of Management at Villanova. Previously, Jonathan was on the faculty of American University and Georgetown University, both in Washington, DC and a senior trade official with the ... Further details »

  • Pressing Issues in International Business/Marketing: Research Agenda for Scholars

    Prof Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University

    17th Feb 2015  12:00 pm - Room 321, Level 3, Economics and Business Building (H69)

    Abstract: The business environment continues to change and evolve ever so rapidly. Executives have to respond to dynamic trends in the global economy and the competitive landscape. How should our research agenda better reflect the new realities? What research questions should be addressed by IB scholars?

    Speaker: Tamer serves as ... Further details »

  • Crafting and Revising Manuscripts for Refereed Publications

    Prof Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University

    18th Feb 2015  03:30 pm - Room 214/5, H69 Economics & Business Bldg

    Abstract: Drawing from his own experience and those of others, Tamer will offer some observations and best practice on scholarly publishing. He will address such issues as: identifying timely research topics; crafting and positioning manuscripts; collaborating with co-authors; targeting journals; and managing revise and resubmits.

    Speaker: Tamer serves as Fuller ... Further details »

  • Key Issues for the International Business Research Agenda 2015

    Prof Peter Buckley, University of Leeds

    23rd Feb 2015  01:30 pm - Rm 214/215 Economics and Business Building (H69)

    Abstract: This presentation examines the past successes of international business (IB) research and its limitations. It examines the domain of IB and suggests that the comparative method is at its heart. Some current challenges are discussed against this background - theoretical, empirical, conceptual examples are given.

    Speaker: Peter J Buckley ... Further details »

  • Chinese outward foreign direct investment

    Prof Peter Buckley, University of Leeds

    24th Feb 2015  05:00 pm - CBD Campus, 17th Floor, 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000

    Abstract: Professor Buckley analyses Chinese outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) and the growth of Chinese multinational enterprises. He examines the extent to which current theories of the multinational enterprise can explain Chinese multinationals and Chinese foreign direct investment. He looks at the growth of Chinese OFDI and the institutional framework ... Further details »