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International Business Seminars

All seminars (unless otherwise advised) are held between 12.00pm and 1.30pm in the Meeting Rooms indicated below.

All enquiries should be directed to Betina Szkudlarek

Please RSVP to for catering purposes.

Upcoming Seminars

  • The Architecture of Dynamic Capability Research: A Scientometric Investigation

    Dr Ralf Wilden, The University of Newcastle

    30th Oct 2014  12:00 pm - The Boardroom, Darlington Centre

    Abstract: Over the last 15 years the dynamic capability view (DCV) of firm strategy, with its emphasis on those capabilities that allow a firm to react to and accommodate changing market and organizational environments, has become a prominent theoretical explanation for the differential performance of competing firms. Although the ... Further details »

  • Underground maintenance: Incumbent tactics and the stalled emergence of the clean tech sector

    A/Prof Charlene Zietsma, York University, Canada

    12th Nov 2014  12:00 pm - The Boardroom, Darlington Centre

    Abstract: Existing institutional arrangements typically privilege powerful incumbents and their resource commitments and strategy have been designed to fit existing arrangements. Elite incumbents are thus more likely to resist pressures for change to protect their interests (Fligstein, 2001). Yet resistance itself is not always legitimate to social audiences. In ... Further details »

  • Examining managerial preferences in strategic outsourcing choice: the role of value creation and value appropriation

    Nidthida Lin, University of Newcastle

    20th Nov 2014  12:00 pm - Room 321, Economics and Business Building (H69)

    Abstract: A significant volume of research has discussed value creation and value appropriation as two major components in what managers consider when making outsourcing choices. However, far less attention has been paid to empirically examining the trade-offs managers make when considering value creation compared to value appropriation in their outsourcing ... Further details »

  • Publishing in AMLE: Introduction of the journal and publication advice

    Dr Tine Köhler, University of Melbourne

    2nd Dec 2014  12:00 pm - The Boardroom, Darlington Centre

    Abstract: Tine Köhler is an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal and a Lecturer in International Management at the University of Melbourne. AMLE is a renowned outlet for high-quality research on management learning and education topics and the top education journal in the field of ... Further details »