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International Business Seminars

All seminars (unless otherwise advised) are held between 12.00pm and 1.30pm in the Meeting Rooms indicated below.

All enquiries should be directed to Betina Szkudlarek

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Upcoming Seminars

18th Aug 2017 - 12:00 pm

Venue: Rm 5070, Lv 5, Abercrombie Bldg - H70

Speaker: Professor Christopher J. Robertson, Northeastern University Boston

Title: Latin America in the 21st Century: Cultural Differences and Competitive Strategies

Abstract: In this presentation titled, “Latin America in the 21st Century: Cultural Differences and Competitive Strategies” a colorful overview of the region will be provided along with examples of case studies and academic research performed in the region by Professor Robertson.  Key topics will include the impact of immigration on national differences in Latin America, subcultural differences within nations; unique competitive strategies developed by Latin American MNCs and coping with economic and political uncertainty. Professor Robertson has focused on Latin America for over two decades, has lived in Ecuador and Peru, and returns to the region multiple times each year.

Speaker: Christopher J. Robertson, Ph.D., is a Professor in the International Business and Strategy Group at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where he teaches undergraduate and graduate classes related to global management and international strategy, including a seminar on global business ethics. He has been the Group Coordinator of International Business and Strategy Group since 2014 and he was the Coordinator of the Full-Time MBA program at Northeastern for four years.  Professor Robertson has a BS in accounting from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA and PhD from Florida State University. Prior to joining the Northeastern University faculty, Professor Robertson taught at James Madison University, La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, Florida State University, and La Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. Professor Robertson is a three-time Fulbright Scholar (Peru 2004 and 2006; Colombia 2017). His primary research stream is cross-cultural management, with specific interest in ethical, behavioral, and strategic differences across cultures. His work has been published in many journals, including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Ethics, Management International Review, Journal of International Management, Organizational Dynamics, Journal of Business Research and Business Horizons. His book, Roundtables: Viewpoints in International Business, was published by McGraw-Hill in 2007. Professor Robertson is active with the Strategic Management Society, Academy of Management and the Business Association of Latin American Studies, where he served on the Executive Committee. 

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