ITLS Sydney

The spirit and challenge of ITLS

If there is one thing that our past students have said about studying at ITLS it is the high quality of the academic program and the commitment of academic and support staff in ensuring that ones time at ITLS is not only a learning experience but a period of conviviality in one's life. Everyone wants to engage in new learning as well as make new contacts from around the world and leave with a feeling of belongingness and achievement. This is the ITLS mission.

While our program is focused on academic objectives, we recognise the need for diversity in the set of management and specialist skills that produce well-rounded managers and leaders of the future. Our students like the opportunity to gain a solid grounding in the development of theory, strategy and practice backed with appropriate technical skills in transport and logistics management. The range of core and elective units of study in transportation, logistics and general management sharpen (or whet) the appetite of all our students.

These ensure that the diversity of study is shaped by a need to acquire certain basic skills in management and planning. Most importantly we set ourselves the challenge to produce reflective students who can ask penetrating and lucid questions on current issues. ITLS recognises that communication skills are as important as technical skills. How often is someone impressed with the way in which a position is articulated? ITLS graduates are given the opportunity to acquire these skills through the diversity of learning media such as face to face lectures, debates, group projects, video-recorded presentations and feedback as well as on-line study. With over 23 countries represented in our student body we are truly international. The networking has proven to be a most valuable part of the ITLS experience. We hope you will be motivated to want to participate in our program.

ITLS-Sydney Cares, Inspires, Educates and Creates employment opportunities for its students.

Articulated Training

Within a University environment, ITLS has been singularly successful in introducing a fully articulated series of management-oriented learning programs to cater for a very diverse background of participants. The diversity accommodates individuals with no formal tertiary education through to those with undergraduate qualifications. The opportunity for individuals to enter our non-award courses certificate grams and to articulate through to the Graduate Certificates of Transport and Logistics Management, the Graduate Diplomas in Transport and Logistics Management, and the Masters of Transport and Logistics Management is impressive. In addition, we offer the opportunity to combine the specialist Masters programs with a number of selected Masters programs offered by the University of Sydney and the possibility to undertake postgraduate research through our PhD or MPhil program.

Keeping aware of activities at ITLS

As well its academic and training program the Institute has an extensive program of related activities including contract research to industry and government, publications, participation at conferences, software development, and links to other leading transport and logistics institutes around the world, especially in the USA, UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Chile, Brazil and Sweden.

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