ITLS Sydney

Meeting objectives

The primary objective of ITLS is to undertake graduate teaching, executive programs, grant and contract research and development in the fields of transport and logistics management. The table below show the objectives of ITLS in detail and provides performance measures to demonstrate how well the Key Centre is meeting each objective.

ObjectivePerformance Measure
  1. Offer specialised training courses, workshops, short courses on topics of interest in the area of transport and logistics management.
  2. Widen the range of courses available for middle level professional managers in critical areas of transport and logistics not currently served.
  3. Build on the recognised need for stronger links between education of technical specialists and managers in transport and logistics.
  4. Equip managers in all disciplines, the small business sector and local government to succeed in the face of technological, economic and institutional change.
  5. Bring high quality transport and logistics management programs to people outside Sydney and widen the offerings of courses in Sydney through access to courses provided by ITLS.
  6. Undertake research to develop state-of-the-art management practices and technical processes.
  7. Seed the development of innovative ideas in transport and logistics management policy and professional practice in Australia, in which ITLS plays a role.
  8. Contribute to Australias growing participation in the Australasian and Asia Pacific region in a leadership role in transport and logistics management.
  9. Collaborate with key players having an interest in transport and logistics management and its applications.
  10. Provide a focus for University activity in areas of transport and logistics management and establish an environment attractive to those committed to excellence in graduate transport and logistics management programs and research.

Development and delivery across all modes (face-to-face, distance, on-line) of high quality graduate transport and logistics programs, certificates, advanced certificates, executive programs, short courses and workshops to meet specific training needs.

Active research program and consultancy work for a wide range of government and private clients and a successful doctoral program. ITLS research

Transfer of knowledge developed through research to client groups through:

  • publications, including 20 working papers and over 45 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings annually; ITLS publications
  • editorial positions held by staff on leading international and national journals;
    • participation in local and international workshops, conferences and seminars;
    • media engagements;
    • participation in local and international networks of transport and logistics managers and engineers; ITLS research.
  • in-house seminar series with internationally renown speakers. ITLS research

All performance measures mentioned above.