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A major strength of ITLS is its success and reputation in the custom design and delivery of training programs to suit the needs of particular organisations. ITLS has appropriate infrastructure to delivery award and non-award programs anywhere in Australia, programs that may be delivered in face-to-face, distance and / or on-line mode. We hope that future partnerships with industry will assist us in the upgrading of some infrastructure in a way that recognises the industry partner's support and secures world class facilities for delivering a training and education program. There are significant tax incentives for such activity. We always encourage a strong quality partnership between ITLS and a specific organisation or industry association in the development and execution of such programs. Such a partnership would involve some component of teaching by industry personnel. To illustrate this capability we refer to the very strong association and quality partnership forged between ITLS and the Bus and Coach Association of NSW and with the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW.

In partnership with the Bus and Coach Association of NSW ITLS has developed a program designed to meet the requirements for accreditation for bus and coach companies in NSW under the Passenger Transport Act, as well as executive programs in this area. ITLS offers an online accreditation program (minimum standards) for new entrants to the industry and for incumbents wishing to stay up to date on accreditation requirements as part of the annual self audit. In addition, we offer a Certificate of Bus and Coach Operations for supervisors and a Certificate of Transport Management for managers and advisers to the industry.

GS1 (Global Standards One)

Testimonial of relationship between ITLS and GS1

The Memorandum of Understanding between GS1 Australia and Sydney University’s Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) was signed in 2013. Since then we have found that the ITLS has enthusiastically embraced working with the GS1 Australia Institute, the Education and Training arm of GS1 Australia.

Commencing with a cohort of around 50 ITLS students in 2013, we have, after two years of engagement, almost twice the number of students participating in the GS1 Academic Certificate in 2015.

We have found the ITLS academic team, especially Dr Jyoti Bhattacharjya, willing to ‘give things a go’ and provide students with resourceful and relevant business insights and experiences.  Professor David Hensher, who heads this distinguished academic team, has demonstrated leadership and steadfast commitment in our association, providing opportunities for students to engage with industry, in a variety of innovative opportunities.

Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. ITLS and the GS1 Institute continuously strive for originality and excellence in the content and delivery of our academic programs.

Given the outstanding support of Professor Hensher, Dr Bhattacharjya and their team to the GS1 Academics Certificate program and the willingness to explore new opportunities, the ITLS has set a high benchmark for Australian universities in the academic engagement of our industry oriented training.

Steven Pereira, Chief Information Officer and Head of GS1 Institute, GS1 Australia
Melbourne, July 2015