Doctoral Program

Name Thesis Topic Phone +61 2 Room
Asif Ahmed Analysis of travel time expenditure and budgets from multi-day multi-year GPS data 9114 1877 1145
David Alexander Aviation management

9114 1823

Meysam Arvan Food and Beverage Supply Chain Optimization  91141844 1323
Camila Balbontin Integrating Attribute Decision Heuristics into Travel Choice Models 9114 1860 1134
Yujie Cai Supply chain interaction and overlap

9114 1895

David Emerson

The effect of ownership and competitive market arrangements on the ability of commercial enterprises to achieve government objectives for public transport, and on the effective evolution of the public transport product

9114 1737 1136
Mahbubul Hakim An Economic Analysis of Air Transport Demand in South Asian Countries

9114 1807

Jeffrey Newton Cost management in customer-supplier relationships and networks with a focus on activity based costing

9114 1850

Ines Österle Did car travel reach a peak in Australia and Germany? An analysis of the factors driving a decline in per capita kilometres travelled

9114 1805

Hettige Niles Perera Food & Beverage Supply Chain Optimisation 91141846  1323
Supun Perera Development and application of holistic algorithms for optimising supply chain resilience

9114 1893

Li Shen New procedures for mode and purpose imputation in GPS travel traces

9114 1884

Christopher Standen The transport, health and economic impacts of cycling infrastructure, and frameworks for improved transport project appraisal 9114 1738 1136
Collins Teye Develop a modelling capability in support of policy on the siting and design of inter-modal container terminals in metropolitan area 9114 1728 1134