Certificate of Railway Planning And Operations

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
University of Sydney Business School

This Certificate is now being offered biennially and so 2018 will be the next occasion that this course will be run.

If you would like to be informed of the dates in 2018 please email business.itlsinfo@sydney.edu.au

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the key elements of the railway planning and operations. It will cover:

  • Management and business planning (part 1)
  • Understanding the railway market/environment (macro-economics)
  • Passenger behaviour (micro-economics)
  • Management and business planning (part 2)
  • Freight
  • Safety and signalling
  • Infrastructure design
  • Timetabling

Further Information

Please email business.itlsinfo@sydney.edu.au or phone +61 2 91141813.