Every semester ITLS invites its new logistics and transport graduate coursework program students to attend a half day orientation. The orientation provides valuable guidance on what new students can expect at ITLS and helps to ensure that their studies here are both enjoyable and successful. It is also a great opportunity for new students to meet ITLS staff and their fellow students. The orientation program includes tips on preparing assignments and using the web as a research tool, as well as introducing the units of study on offer at ITLS, and the employment opportunities for logistics and transport graduates including the Graduate Work Placement Program

Orientation is held in Lecture Theatre 2, Level 1, ITLS. ITLS is not on the main campus, it is located at St James Campus, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney CBD.


Preparing assignments

Using the web as a research tool

Logistics management units of study

Transport management units of study

Orientation Semester 2, 2012

Feedback on Orientation

Students who have attended the orientation have made the following comments on what they found the most useful about the day:

  • Meeting people and building networks and relationships
  • Learning about the facilities at ITLS
  • How to prepare assignments
  • Details of the units of study
  • How to use the resources to help prepare assignments
  • It was helpful learning about resources available online to help prepare for successful study e.g., template for assignment, virtual drive etc.
  • Fundamental concept of report writing and references
  • Opportunities to join postgraduation work experience program and work for leading companies in the industry.
  • Experiences shared and suggestions by former ITLS students.
  • Shared experiences with excellent graduates.
  • Meeting people and getting familiar with the faces of the ITLS academics and staff
  • The team is so friendly and helpful
  • Warm welcome speech by the Director, opportunities to encounter former ITLS students and future employers.
  • Get to know a lot more about logistics management. Great chance to meet all the academic staff and classmates.
  • It was really fun and friendly
  • Welcome from Professor Hensher was very good and contained relevant and interesting content.
  • The friendly welcome of Professor Hensher and the fact itself that your Discipline offers an orientation.
  • The possibility to ask questions, the friendly welcome of Professor Hensher and the nice and friendly staff.
  • Meeting academic staff and classmates.
  • Listening to the faculty and getting so much of knowledge on the first day which proves very useful later on.
  • Being given the resources to take charge of own development.
  • Meeting with actual businesses and hearing what is important, everybody gave a realistic view of the road after graduation.
  • The information of working opportunities in Australia.
  • The questions and answer session.
  • Grateful for the general overview and a bit of a clue about peers and peers' backgrounds and aspirations.
  • The brief introduction of each course.
  • The whole day was very good and useful.
  • Very helpful and informative, great value.
  • Gives a lot of information about the library, blackboard and study related issues in concise manner.
  • I appreciated the mix of speakers and Faculty. It helped to give me a full bodied concept of the Institute and the resources available to students. I also though the step-by-step approach to the website was incredibly helpful, as most students would not think to mine the Institute website for a quarter of the information it has.
  • Lots of important information.
  • Knowing how to use the web effectively.
  • How to learn and manage myself through the course.
  • Preparing and formatting assignments.