Past Higher Degree by Research Theses

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Zeyan Zhang Supply Chain Disruption Costs Study in International Containerised Maritime Transportation Available 2014 Prof David Hensher
Joe Fai Poon Analysing the effects of travel information on public transport traveller's decision making and learning 2014 Prof Peter Stopher
Wai Yan Leong Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: Assessing the MERITS of Majority of Confirming Dimensions, Extremeness Aversion, and Reference Revision Available 2014 Prof David Hensher
Mohammad Khakbaz A Semi-Centralised Dynamic Stochastic Model for Operational Maritime Empty Container Repositioning Under Uncertainty Available 2013 Prof David Walters
Chi-Hong Tsai A Longitudinal Study on the Linkage between Public Transport Demand and Land Use Characteristics: A Pseudo Panel Approach Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley
Claudine Moutou Sustainable transport access in town centres: A goal-orientated decision-making perspective on the adaptive power of small business Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley
Demi Chung Contractual Approach to Optimising Risk Sharing: A Quantitative Study of the Multidimensional Nature of Risk in Private Provision of Road Infrastructure Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Andrew Collins Attribute nonattendance in discrete choice models: measurement of bias, and a model for the inference of both nonattendance and taste heterogeneity Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Alejandro Tirachini Multimodal pricing and the optimal design of bus services: new elements and extensions Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Matthew Beck Development of a behavioural system of stated choice models: modelling behavioural, pricing and technological opportunities to reduce automobile energy levels 2012 Prof John Rose
Zheng Li The Role of Alternative Behavioural Theories in Valuing Travel Time Savings and Travel Time Variability 2012 Prof David Hensher
Simon Fifer Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference Experiments: Is it a Problem? And if so, how do we deal with it? Available 2011 Assoc Prof Stephen Greaves; Prof John Rose
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya Governance In Value Chain Networks: The Interplay Between Strategy, Structure And Boundary Spanning Interactions 2011 Prof David Walters
Wafa Dabbas Modelling vehicle emissions from an urban air-quality perspective:testing vehicle emissions interdependencies Available 2010 Prof Peter Stopher
Geoffrey Clifton The Role of Frequency & Connectivity in Delivering Enhanced Bus Systems in Urban Areas: Developing a Network of Corridor Services Available 2010 Prof David Hensher; Prof John Rose
Zheng Li
Modelling and Forecasting the Demand for Automobile Petrol in Australia, and its Policy Implications Available 2008 Prof John Rose
Ju-Miao Melody Hsiao The Impact of Retailer-Supplier Cooperation and Decision-Making Uncertainty on Supply Chain Performance Available 2007 Prof David Hensher
Sean Puckett Economic Behaviour Of Interdependent Road Freight Stakeholders Under Variable Road User Charges: Advanced Stated Choice Analysis Available 2006 Prof David Hensher
John Rose Designing Efficient Stated Choice Experiments 2005 Prof David Hensher
Alejandra Efrón Inter-organisational Relationships in a Cross-Culture Supply Chain Context: International Travelling Exhibitions Available 2005 Prof David Hensher
Baojin Wang Revealing the Safety of the Road Environment from Driver Responses: Investigation of Driver Behaviour under Specific Road and Traffic Situations Available 2001 Prof David Hensher