Logistics and Transport Graduate Work Placement Program

About the Program


ITLS offers our students the opportunity to undertake a 12-week full time (minimum 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday, usually 9am to 5pm) graduate work placement with one of our industry partners in a logistics / supply chain / transport / infrastructure management related field. This program will increase your employment prospects by giving you real world industry experience. At the end of the program those who perform well are provided with an employment reference from the organisation; although there is no guarantee of a role at the outset, over 60% of our graduates have been offered ongoing employment with their organisation at the end of their placement. A scholarship of $250 per week is provided by the organisation who will organise an induction / orientation for the graduate at the beginning of the program and provide ongoing supervision and support throughout the placement. Only one placement is usually available per organisation.

Supervision and support

The Program Coordinator will maintain regular contact with graduates and industry partners throughout the placement. Any questions for ITLS during the placement should be referred to the Program Coordinator who will seek advice from other academic staff, as required. At the beginning of the second week of each placement the Program Coordinator will request a summary of key project tasks from each graduate and from each industry partner in order to ensure that there is a clear program of work for the 12 week placement. Graduates will also be provided with each other's details so that they can keep in touch with each other. A meeting at ITLS of all placed graduates will be arranged midway through the program; the meeting will be facilitated by the Program Coordinator.


The ITLS Graduate Work Placement Program runs twice per year with 12 week placements starting in July for students completing in Semester 1 or the Intensive Winter sessions and in November for students completing in Semester 2 or the Intensive Summer sessions. Closing dates for applications are in June and September each year.

Placement schedule 

Round 2, 2015

Applications open Monday 31 August 2015
Applications close Sunday 27 September 2015, midnight
Interviews at ITLS Week commencing, Monday 28 September 2015
Industry interview workshop Week commencing, Monday 12 October 2015
Interviews with industry partners Week commencing, Monday 2 November 2015
Placements commence Monday 23 November 2015
Placements end Friday 19 February 2016


The program is designed for graduates wishing to gain experience in a logistics / supply chain / transport / infrastructure management related field. All candidates to the program must be prepared to accept a placement with any of the industry partners involved in the program, at the time of application. The program is available to students who have completed ALL the requirements for (or have only one further unit of study to complete in the following Winter or Summer intensive sessions) and achieved a credit average (65%) in the Master of Logistics Management, Master of Transport Management or Master of Commerce (with a minimum of four ITLS units of study). Places are awarded on a competitive basis; successful applicants will be those who have an outstanding academic record and who can demonstrate sound business communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork leadership, commercial awareness, a proactive attitude, and a willingness to learn and be involved.

To ensure your application conveys the above information we strongly recommend you utilise the resources and knowledge of the Business School's Careers and Employability Office.

Visa requirements

All graduates must have a valid visa allowing them to work full-time (i.e., 35 hours per week minimum) in Australia for the duration of the program. Proof of the visa will be required. Please note that under no circumstances can any of the organisations provide sponsorship for a graduate; any graduate seeking to pursue this with any organisation at industry interview will be immediately excluded from the program.

Further information

All queries on the program should be sent to: business.itlsinfo@sydney.edu.au

Selection process

** Please note that candidates should not tailor their initial written application to any particular placement. Placements are decided on the best match between each candidate's skills and experience and our industry partners' requirements. While a candidate's preference may be taken into account in this matching process, it does not often determine the final placement. ITLS ensures that all placements will be a valuable experience for any ITLS graduate and we therefore expect successful candidates to accept the placement offered to them. Please do not apply if you are unwilling to accept this premise of the program. **

The selection process has four stages:

Stage 1.

Candidates email a written application to ITLS - business.itlsinfo@sydney.edu.au - from their University of Sydney email address - by the advertised closing date / time attaching ONE collated PDF document with the following items, in the following order:

1. A formal covering letter (addressed: Dear Sir or Madam) describing what benefit you hope to obtain from the program and why you feel you should be selected. As noted above, candidates should not tailor their initial written application to any particular placement.

2. A professional resume. please be aware that if you are successful in Stage 2 our industry partners will be asked to select candidates to interview based on this resume. ITLS strongly recommends that you attend one of the resume workshops offered by the Business School's Careers and Employability Office.

3. A clear copy of your passport photo page.

4. Proof of your legal right to work in Australia for the duration of the program - if your current visa expires before the end date of the placement you MUST provide documentary evidence of your application for an alternative visa, otherwise you WILL NOT be considered for the program.

Please note that candidates who fail to provide the requested information in the order and format requested, or fail to submit their application by the closing date and time, will not be considered. Do not include an academic transcript, this will be downloaded by ITLS. If you are successful in the first round of interviews at ITLS the information you provide in Stage 1 will be forwarded to selected industry partners.

Stage 2.

ITLS short lists candidates with reference to their application and their academic transcript (which ITLS will obtain) and invites successful candidates to interview at ITLS.

At interview with ITLS candidates will be asked to shortlist three industry placements and explain why they have chosen these placements. In shortlisting placements candidates should ensure they understand the nature of the placement and how their skill set, including the units of study they have completed at ITLS, and their career goals, fit with each placement.

Stage 3.

Details of candidates successful at interview with ITLS are sent to selected industry partners (as decided by the ITLS interview panel) and the industry partners then shortlist the candidates they wish to interview. There will be a interview preparation workshop at ITLS for selected candidates (please see timeline above).

Stage 4.

The industry partners indicate to ITLS which candidate(s) they would be willing to offer a placement to and placements are then decided for successful candidates with regard to the preference of the industry partners and, where possible, the candidates' stated preferences. Please note that it may not always be possible to place graduates with their chosen organisation, however, we ensure that all placements will be a valuable experience for any ITLS graduate and therefore we expect each graduate to accept any placement that is offered to them.

**All correspondence regarding the program will be sent to your University of Sydney email address ONLY**


Candidates who are not successful in obtaining a place on the next stage of the selection process will be provided feedback on their performance at the previous stage.

Industry placements

Round 2 2015 (placements from November/December 2015 to Feburary 2016)

Placements will be posted in September 2015.

Past placements

Organisations that have previously provided placements in this program include:

Feedback from our graduates

"The graduate placement program is an excellent way to gain exposure to industry leaders. Through my placement, I was able to lead a project which will play a significant part in the shaping of the Community Transport Industry in light of the NDIS. I found my employer CTO, to be highly helpful, motivating and flexible. I feel the program is an extremely useful resource to any student fortunate enough to be in a position to take advantage of it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain exposure to the industry of their choice and likewise announce their potential to industry leaders."
Thomas TrambyMIB/MCom
Placement: NSW Community Transport Organisation

"I am writing to express my gratitude to the University of Sydney for my stay while studying in the period 2009-2011 for my Master of International Business and Master of Logistics Management.

I had a very pleasant experience of my studies at ITLS. Although I already had experience in logistics, the Master of Logistics Management offered me with the latest trends and knowledge in supply chain. I found the lectures superb in knowledge, both academic and practical. The program offers a high quality portfolio of courses providing insight into different industries such as aviation, maritime and retail. I particularly enjoyed the following courses: Transport and Logistics Strategy, Intelligent Transport and Logistics Systems, Analysis Tools for Transport and Logistics, Value Chain Management, International Freight Transportation and Organisational Logistics. I have recommended the master to several people from my country (Chile) for the Master's unique structure and high quality lecturers.

Cubic Transportation Systems is the world leader in integrating and delivering successful transport payment system. ITLS' post graduation work placement program gave me the opportunity to gain work experience in Australia in transport and logistics field with challenging projects where you can apply the knowledge of the courses taught by ITLS. It is also a good opportunity to build a professional network and to prove to yourself that your knowledge is very valuable. After the program the company offered me a permanent position as a Senior Supply Chain Consultant. I was a significant contributor to the design and establishment of the smartcard supply chain for Sydney's Opal smartcard transport project. This experience gave me a new mindset of my own capabilities and how you can contribute to solve complex problems with creativity and expert knowledge from ITLS."
Claudio BarahonaMIB/MLogMan
Placement: Cubic Transportation Systems

"I strongly suggest to those who are eligible to work hard for the opportunity for the work placement program. What we gain exposure to is the most recent frontline scenarios that we will be encountering in industry. It provides a perfect shortcut to apply what we learn at ITLS to reality. What we do represents the long term relationship between ITLS and the industry. Continue to show your hunger, be proactive and absorb as much information as possible. Hapag-Lloyd certainly look after their internship applicants well, and thank you once again for the wonderful knowledge that Sydney University has prepared us with."
Scottie PengMLM
Placement: Hapag-Lloyd; Position post-placements: Export Documentation Coordinator, Hapag-Lloyd then DAMCO New Zealand

"This program is an excellent way of translating many of the theoretical concepts studied at ITLS into a "real-world" business setting. I found that many of the benchmarking concepts I studied linked so appropriately to my placement that I would literally reread the lecture notes and apply them to what I was doing. This was an immensely valuable programme and the experiences will be important in both future interviews as well as my long-term career. I would highly recommend pursuing this program to ITLS graduates as a means of refining your career goals and further boosting your graduate credentials."
Peter GrahamMTM
Placement: Forest Coach Lines | Position Post Placement: Researcher, Forest Coach Lines

"I am amazed at the skills and knowledge I was able to develop during my placement, even within such a short period of time. My time at PricewaterhouseCoopers was excellent and went a long way to help better understand myself, my professional goals and narrow down my long term career aims. The experience and the exposure to the people and the professional environment has been invaluable in shaping my future career direction. I cannot thank PwC and ITLS enough for the opportunity."
Fabia PalmerMLM
Placement: PricewaterhouseCoopers

"This program is a great opportunity for ITLS students, particularly for those with no previous industry background. The breadth of roles and companies available across the industry guarantees that you will find a placement that suits your interests. The placement will challenge you to go beyond the academic teaching at ITLS and apply your newfound knowledge to real world business problems. You will learn from people with vast business experience and you have an opportunity to gain a valuable network of industry contacts. It is a great first step not to be missed in both establishing a career and finding a degree related job after graduation."
Thomas UthaugMTM
Placement: ComfortDelGro Cabcharge | Position Post Placement: Planning Officer, ComfortDelGro Cabcharge

"I would recommend the program to those who would like to get involved in the daily operations of a company. This would create a better understanding and appreciation of the basic theories we learned in school and how it is applied in the daily activities of the business."
Mae Annabelle Magtibay MIB/MLM
Placement: Veolia Environmental Services

"This program will provide you the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience that you can't get in the classroom. Those experiences will give you an edge in job hunting. Such program also offer networking opportunities that enable you to meet people who might help you land a job (I was very lucky to be referred to a job by one of my colleagues after the program). Best of all, you will gain a sense of achievement when you can apply what you have learnt to help your host organisation. So, there is no reason not to recommend this program to you, my fellow students."
Placement: AWA Limited 2010 | Positions Post Placement: Trading Officer, Crown Export International; Reverse Logistics Coordinator, Samsung Electronics

Update from Yi Jia, 2011: "The trading company I am currently working for is called Crown Export International. It is a small export company exporting Australian beverages. And I have another news for you, I just got an offer from Samsung Electronics yesterday!!! I was so excited and couldn't fall asleep last night! The job will commence in early August. My title is called Reverse Logistics Coordinator. Responsibilities as told by my supervisor at the interview are: analysing product return data, preparing reports, visiting stores to seek improvement and involving in the final improvement and follow-up. Sounds very interesting and challenging to me. Will give you more thoughts about this job once I get on to the job. I could not have achieved this, if I hadn't chosen ITLS. The statistical analysis skills and knowledge acquired from the course work and experience gained from the work placement program are the key contributors enabling me to win this job over other candidates who do not have logistics background even though they have permanent residency while I do not. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to ITLS and all the staff organising the work placement program."

"This program will broaden your horizon on what business are like in real world. It gives you the opportunity to practice your skills learned from school and improve your ability to handle real problems. You will gain more understanding on what are expected for a specific job and reshape yourself to become more competent."
Placement: PricewaterhouseCoopers | Position Post-Placement: Offered a role with PricewaterhouseCoopers but currently undertaking higher research degree at Cambridge University, UK

"The great part of this program is that it provides graduates with opportunity to gain valuable work experience and kick start career. Working at Parsons Brickerhoff allows me to be involved in many large-scale and specialised projects and to learn from experts in the transport and traffic fields. This experience not only equips me with professional skills needed for a successful career but also enables me to develop a better understanding of my own value. I highly recommend this program to ITLS graduates who wish to work in the field of transport and logistics, as it definitely offers an important pathway from university to employment."
Xiaofen ChenMLM/MTM
Placement: Parsons Brinckerhoff | Position Post-Placement: Transport Modeller, Parsons Brinckerhoff

"I think ITLS is doing tremendous job in providing graduate work placements as well as providing quality education. As a Master's student I found some of the units were very insightful and would like to continue any sort of affiliation with ITLS in time to come."
Nisarg DesaiMIB/MLM
Placement: SAHA International

"I would like to strongly recommend this program for all the graduates from ITLS. It is such a fantastic opportunity for you to work with leading companies in the industry and to cooperate with some outstanding talents. You will get a thorough understanding for your future career path because of this program. You will also have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses because of tremendous challenges during this program. For the international student, it is definitely a valuable chance to gain real work experience in Australia."
Cheng LiMLM
Placement: Parsons Brinckerhoff

"Working for Sydney Metro (on behalf of Interfleet Technology) was without a doubt one of the best opportunities I have ever had. Being part of such an important project was an experience beyond my expectations, as was the number of things and skills I acquired in such a short period of time. At SM I have had the honour of working with some of the best experts of the metro/rail industry, an opportunity which I could not have had without the work placement program. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Transport and/or Logistics field, as this could actually represent the platform that helps you enter the industry and shape yourself professionally."
Claudia BottiniMTM
Placement: Interfleet Technology

"This program is one of the best ways to bridge the demand of employer and the supply of graduates directly and effectively, and also, in the other way, enhances the reputation of ITLS. As a graduate, study performance is not enough; it's a challenge for me to adapt myself quickly to the business world. In addition, the possible employment opportunity after this program is a quick way to find a formal and degree-related job after graduation."
Yirong HuangMCom/MLM Major BIS
Placement: ComfortDelGro Cabcharge | Positions post-placement: Planner, ComfortDelGro Cabcharge then Analyst, DHL Supply Chain

"This program provides you great opportunity and exposure to the real-life practice of the business, and also the internship experience would assist you to reinforce or design your career path. My experience with Veolia equips me with great experience of working effectively as a team member within a fast-paced working environment of an industry leader."
Penny PengMLM/MCom
Placement: Veolia Environmental Services | Position post-placement: Logistics Operation Support, Veolia Environmental Services

"This program is the shortest path to your employment. It welcomes all students, especially suited for international students who do not have residency. Also, I obtained terrific experience of real stock flows, third and fourth party logistics from AWA, which is one of the best technology service providers."
Peng CuiMCom/MPacc, Major in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Placement: AWA Limited | Position post-placement: Junior Inventory Planner, AWA Limited

"The program gives you the chance to gain work experience in the transport and logistics field with well-known and international companies. It is a good opportunity to build up a personal network. You can prove yourself and you may even get a permanent employment."
Michael CohrsMLM
Placement: Hapag Lloyd | Position Post-Placement: Junior Management Program, Lekkerland

"PricewaterhouseCoopers, Australia's leading consultancy firm, is absolutely a fantastic place to kick off my career. The ultimate challenges from wide range of consultancy projects rapidly developed my analytical skills as well as professional business working style. The work placement program and in particular the valuable opportunity of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Advisory - Economics) are highly recommended to all ITLS current and future students."
Kendrew FungMLM/MCom
Placement: PricewaterhouseCoopers | Position Post-Placement: Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"This program allows graduates to integrate knowledge and skills learnt from academic studies at ITLS with real work experience in a transport and logistics field."
Ling HuMLM
Placement: TWU | Position post-placement: Researcher, TWU

"ITLS' Graduate Work Placement Program is definitely a rewarding and valuable experience for everyone. It helps us to consolidate our knowledge with the real world. In addition, this program is also providing us a short path to obtain employment opportunities in the transport and logistics industry. I would like to recommend this program to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to the transport and logistics industry."
Meng HuaMLM/MCom
Placement: BusNSW | Position post-placement: Research Officer, BusNSW

"It is a good chance for us to get practical working experience in logistics/transportation industry, where we can utilize our abilities and knowledge learnt in the university. It also gives us the chance to know our shortages in the practical world before we start formal employment."
Placement: Busways | Position post-placement: Contracts Administrator, Busways

"This program allows me to blend my theoretical knowledge with real world working experience that provides inestimable benefits for my future career development. It is also impossible to resist the temptation of this wonderful opportunity because of three critical reasons: i) a challenge task which allows me to learn new things and build up new abilities; ii) thoughtful supports from friendly colleagues and open-minded bosses; iii) a possible further employment opportunity."
Minyan JinMLM/MIB
Placement: Shipping Australia Limited | Position post-placement: Executive Assistant, Chinese Investment Company

"This program provided me with a platform; prepared me for my transition into a full time job after study. I definitely recommend any of you to try it. You won't regret it!"
Tanya Xiaoya WuMLM/MIB
Placement: PricewaterhouseCoopers | Position post-placement: Bank of China

"The program gave me a great opportunity to throw myself into a professional environment. What's more, the program gave me the opportunity to think as a participant in the business, not as a student any more."
Yueming YinMCom/MLM
Placement: AWA Ltd | Position post-placement: Dispatch Team, AWA Ltd

In April 2010 Yueming Yin (Bob) was nominated employee of the month at AWA Ltd:

"At a meeting on the 7th of April 2010, Tommy Bingham, Logistics Manager, Hybrid Television Service (i.e., TIVO) went out of his way to praise the work that Bob has being doing on the Tivo contract. "Bob is fabulous" said Tommy. He went on to add that Bob does everything that is asked of him and that he is great to work with. "If they ask Bob, they know it will get done."

From: Frank Tuohy, Logistics and Operations Manager

Feedback from our industry partners

"The ITLS graduate work placement program has given us dedicated time for analytical examination of some key industry issues. The input from the placement has been particularly beneficial because it has been underpinned by strong academic rigour. The initial pool of applicants for the placement, provided by ITLS, was very good to the extent that we had difficulty choosing between them."
Nick Stevens, Easy Transport / NSW Community Transport Organisation (2013)

"The work placement proved to be a great opportunity for the right student to apply their discipline to a defined business project. The transport studies were mixed with effective business reporting processes to produce a new business analysis tool that identified where key improvements could be made in the Operations/Planning. Many findings from the report were actioned during the project term and the findings were presented to Senior Business Managers."
Mark Wooldridge, Manager, Corporate Communications, ComfortDelGroCabcharge

"The ITLS program provides a means for companies to utilise candidates who have been schooled in logistics and supply chain issues. Candidates have a strong interest in these fields and bring a fresh perspective to our teams."
Jacqualine Myint, Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia

"This program allows us to see the calibre of students available to the industry. It also gives us the opportunity to contribute to the education system to help develop future talent and decision makers in our industry."
Milan Vjestica, GM Sales and Consulting, Swisslog Australia Pty Limited

  • >"This program gives graduates a chance to apply their studies and theoretical knowledge to the workforce and gain industry experience in their field of study. The program also gives employers an opportunity to have their business operations viewed from another perspective"
    Brad Cooper, Busways

    "This program offers: i) the opportunity to fulfill a task for which resources might not otherwise be available; ii) assessment of a potential future employee without commitment; iii) practical application of university qualifications in a commercial environment; and iv). low cost means of achieving some or all of the above."
    Robert Dick, Shipping Australia Limited

    "The program is mutually beneficial, particularly in our case with the mixing of intellectual horsepower and practical know-how in an open exchange of views."
    Roger Jones, Logistics Manager, AWA Limited

    "The quality of candidate ITLS provided resulted in AWA placing the candidate in a logistics position."
    John Douglas, AWA Limited

    "The Transport Workers Union would like to take this opportunity to thank the ITLS for organising the recent graduate work placement program. The candidate we selected ended up being a valuable member of our research team and we have subsequently offered her a position at the TWU. The Transport Workers Union is always interested in giving experience and knowledge to those who wish to work in the transport industry and urge other transport companies to do the same. The ITLS program is a great way to ensure knowledge and skills are passed on to the next generation of transport workers."
    Richard Priest, Transport Workers Union