ITLS academics awarded University of Sydney Business School's Dean's Citation for Teaching

01 Sep 2014

ITLS congratulates Dr Xiaowen Fu, Alan Win and Jeffrey Newton on receiving the University of Sydney Business School's Dean's Citation for Teaching in Semester 1, 2014. Dr Xiaowen Fu was awarded his citation for Airport Management a unit which covers major aspects of airport management, operation and public policy providing students with the core knowledge and insights concerning the key issues and decisions involved in the operation and management of airports in a rapidly changing regulatory environment and developing the skills for applying various applied economics and management knowledge to the airport industry. Alan Win and Jeffrey Newton were awarded their citation for Foundations of Supply Chain Management the foundation unit of the logistics management program which provides students with a solid grounding in the language, concepts, techniques and principles that underlie the field of logistics and supply chain management, and how knowledge of these concepts can contribute towards a strategically effective and operationally efficient organisation or network of organisations.

This a prestigious recognition of the Xiaowen, Alan and Jeffrey's exemplary work in contributing to the learning and teaching tasks of the School. The award of the citation is based on the positive feedback from students in their classes. Previous ITLS recipients of the Dean's Citation for Teaching / Tutoring include: Dr Matthew Beck, Dr Geoffrey Clifton, Dr Andrew Collins,  Honorary Professor Werner Delfmann, Dr Adrian Ellison, Dr Richard Ellison, Associate Professor Stephen Greaves, Professor David Hensher, Gareth Jude, Honorary Associate Professor Peter Lok, Dr Claudine Moutou, Jeffrey Newton, Professor John Rose, Professor Peter Stopher and Alan Win.

A large number of ITLS academics also received commendations from the Dean for the outstanding feedback received on their teaching effectiveness. The positive student perception of teaching impact in their Semester 1, 2014 units places these units in the upper tier of units of study offered by the Business School. Given the high standards that the Business School sets, this is an outstanding achievement. Letters of commendation were received by:

  • Professor Michael Bell for Ports Management
  • Associate Professor Behnam Fahimnia and Dr Geoffrey Clifton for Quantitative Logistics and Transport
  • Dr Matthew Beck for Decision Making on Mega Projects
  • Dr Adrian Ellison and Dr Richard Ellison for GIS for Transport Supply Chains
  • Associate Professor Stephen Greaves and Adjunct Professor John Stanley for Sustainable Urban Transport Policy
  • Dr Rico Merkert and Frederic Horst for Global Freight Logistics Management
  • Professor Corinne Mulley, Dr Geoffrey Clifton and Professor Peter Stopher for Logistics and Transport Economics
  • Professor Corinne Mulley, Dr Claudine Moutou and Dr Geoffrey Clifton for Public Transport Operations and Policy
  • Honorary Professor David Walters for Value Chain Costing and Global Value Chain Networks

This means that 80% of the units taught by ITLS in Semester 1, 2014 received outstanding student feedback which has been recognised by the Dean through a citation for teaching or letter of commendation. A fantastic achievement.