ITLS seeks Chair in Public Transport to commence in 2018 - Closing date: 2 November 2017

31 Jul 2017

In 2007, the NSW Government established a partnership with the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) to create a Chair in Public Transport at the University of Sydney Business School. The partnership and outcome was created in recognition of the need for thoroughly researched and informed independent and ongoing debate supporting the development of a balanced public transport system and a need to capacity build in this area. We are now looking to appoint a new chair to this prestigious position.

In this position you will direct the overall program of public transport research, education, and training, overarching all themes of interest to ITLS, government and industry. Given the institute’s strong interest and reputation in urban transport, and passenger logistics more broadly, you will focus, to a great extent, on passenger transport issues in urban areas.

In this high profile role, you will represent the ITLS, the Business School and the University of Sydney on the national and international stage, lead the institute’s research and teaching programs in public transport, both within the University and for industry, and be an active and independent commentator on public transport matters in the media. You will also have the opportunity to contribute, as appropriate, to the research program of Transport for NSW.

The successful candidate must have:

  • expertise across the broad gamut of public transport and be aware of and committed to the role of strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives and a systems view of passenger transport logistics and supply chains
  • substantial record in research focused on public transport, together with a strong track record in lecturing/presenting in a relevant area, a proven record in generating funds, and a demonstrated ability to manage research teams and deliver high quality research outputs
  • exhibited the ability to collaborate with government and industry in promoting debate, particularly on new and developing themes of interest to government, and gathering evidence on public transport policy, strategy and system performance.

Closing date: 2 November 2017

For more information please see the Chair in Public Transport Brochure