Supply chain expert appointed as Associate Editor of prestigious international journal

31 Oct 2017

In a move widely seen as recognition of the Business School’s expertise in supply chain management, the prestigious United States based Decision Sciences Journal has appointed Professor Behnam Fahimnia as an Associate Editor.

Professor Behnam Fahimnia

Professor Fahimnia holds the chair of supply chain management at the Business School’s internationally respected Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies (ITLS).

His appointment as an Associate Editor in the Journal’s new department of Behavioral Operations & Supply Chain Management reflects Professor Fahimnia’s interest in effects of cognitive biases, personal and social preferences, and cultural norms on supply chain decision-making.

In appointing Professor Fahimnia, the Journal’s Department Editor talked of “increasing the reputation” of the publication and making it the “journal of choice for many in the Community”.

“I sincerely believe that (Professor Fahimnia’s) expertise, vision and ability will be very helpful in moving the Journal forward,” the Department Editor said.

The Decision Sciences Journal is the premier publication of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). The Institute is a professional organization of academics and practitioners interested in “the application of quantitative and behavioural methods to solving the problems of society”.

Professor Fahimnia described his appointment to the Journal as “evidence of the ITLS’ increasing global reputation in the area of operations and supply chain management”.

“The ITLS has a strong team of academics and PhD students in the area of behavioural operations and supply chain management,” he said. “It is great to see that Decision Sciences Journal has now created a new department on this topic and that Sydney will have a strong presence in this domain.”