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  • Autonomous Vehicles and Implications for Future Transport Systems 02 Feb 2017

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: David Hensher, Chinh Ho and Richard Ellison

    The rapid development of autonomous vehicles (AV) has prompted considerable speculation on how these vehicles will ‘revolutionise’ the future of cities’ transport systems. It has been suggested that a large-scale adoption of AV would lead to safer roads, congestion-free cities and more public spaces as vehicles can be shared, and hence fewer parking spaces are needed. However, it is far from clear if these visions are likely to be realised and what this might imply for the future transport networks and policy agendas. Read more

  • Infrastructure champion Mike Baird leaves big delivery job for successor 19 Jan 2017

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: Christopher Standen

    The Australian Financial Review quoted Christopher Standen, PhD candidate, about the NSW Government’s transport and infrastructure agenda in light of the Premier’s retirement.

  • Sydney is congestion capital of Australasia - and even New York's road network is faster 05 Jan 2017

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton about road projects in NSW, Sydney’s growing population and the issue of road pricing.

  • 'We are going to see more congestion': Sydney boasts slowest roads in Australia, NZ 05 Jan 2017

    2GB Sydney, 2UE Sydney, Daily Mail and Yahoo News

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    2GB Sydney, 2UE Sydney, Daily Mail and Yahoo News interviewed Dr Geoffrey Clifton about traffic congestion on Sydney roads and whether road infrastructure projects are likely to remedy the issue.

  • Taxpayer bill for cashback scheme on Sydney toll roads hits $1.5 billion - and climbing 19 Dec 2016

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Christopher Standen

    PhD candidate Christopher Standen was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald about modelling that estimated that by 2026, tolls on cars using the M5 South West will reach $5.75.

  • Feasibility of increasing volumetric load of freight heavy vehicles 09 Dec 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: Mary Chiang

    The National Transport Commission (NTC) recently published an issues paper on increasing heavy vehicle (HV) volumetric load capacity without increasing mass limits in an effort to increase the productivity of road freight.  The NTC paper identified a number of key issues that require further consideration and resolution prior to developing a national policy for introducing higher productivity vehicles (HPVs) onto Australian roads. Read more

  • Geoffrey Clifton in Infrastructure Victoria 08 Dec 2016

    Infrastructure Victoria

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Dr Geoffrey Clifton wrote an article for Infrastructure Victoria about whether high speed rail will be constructed in the future.

  • Winners announced for the 2016 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards 29 Nov 2016

    Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA)

    Staff Member: Behnam Fahimnia

    Professor Behnam Fahimnia recognised as a leading educator at the SCLAA awards night.

  • How we'll drive into the future 25 Nov 2016

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Staff Member: Chinh Ho

    The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Postdoctoral Research Fellow Chinh Ho about whether the motoring trends of 2016 will still exist in ten years and discussed ride-sharing services such as Uber.

  • Air travel: The emerging trends travellers should know about 23 Nov 2016


    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Professor Rico Merkert from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies was quoted in a feature published in the Traveller section of the Saturday Age and Sydney Morning Herald about trends in the modern Australian aviation market.

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