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  • David Hensher on 2MCE Orange 05 Oct 2016

    2MCE Orange

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    2MCE Orange interviewed Professor David Hensher about a new transport opinion survey that found Australians are increasingly opting for ride sharing such as Uber.

  • Geoffrey Clifton on ABC News 24 05 Oct 2016

    ABC News 24 (Breakfast)

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Dr Geoffrey Clifton was interviewed on ABC News 24’s Breakfast program about the benefits and pitfalls of a traffic congestion charge in relation to calls from Infrastructure Victoria to introduce the tax.

  • David Hensher on ABC Newcastle 04 Oct 2016

    ABC Newcastle

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    ABC Newcastle interviewed Professor David Hensher about his research on ride-sharing services in comparison to traditional modes of transport such as taxis.

  • Self-drive motor vehicles lack sex appeal and a great deal more 01 Oct 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: Matthew Beck

    The self-driving car is often presented as the transportation technology of the future. But there remain many physical barriers to these vehicles and, for the average driver, a lot of psychological ones too. If these barriers are not overcome, the self-drive vehicle is destined for the same fate as electric car which has less than 2% of the market to show for 30 years of expensive research. Read more

  • Uber wants to help Australians catch the bus on time 26 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Mashable (US) quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies about Uber's collaboration with TripGo to aid commuters catching public transport.

  • Adrian Ellison on ABC Radio (Darwin) and SYN 90.7 26 Sep 2016

    ABC Radio (Darwin), SYN 90.7

    Staff Member: Adrian Ellison

    Adrian Ellison was interviewed by ABC Radio Darwin and SYN 90.7 about how technology needs to be improved to increase pedestrian road safety.

  • Commuters hit by Opal Card cost changes 05 Sep 2016

    Channel 7 News

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Channel 7 News (Sydney) interviewed Dr Geoffrey Clifton about changes to the Opal Card that will see some forms of fare discounts removed.

  • Density matters 01 Sep 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Transport planning and urban planning are two sides of the same coin: A successful public transport service needs residents, businesses and activities to generate passengers and a successful urban development needs good transport links to attract customers. However, too often urban planning and transport planning (and research and teaching) exists in silos with neither side talking to the other. Read more

  • FactCheck: does the average Australian family spend up to $22,000 every year on transport? 25 Aug 2016

    The Conversation

    Staff Member: Matthew Beck

    Dr Matthew Beck wrote an article published in The Conversation, fact-checking whether the average Australian family spends $22,000 per year on transport.

  • Qantas accused of trashing ‘Spirit of Australia’ brand in push for record profit 24 Aug 2016

    The New Daily

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    Dr Rico Merkert was quoted in The New Daily about the impact of low jet fuel prices on the profitability of Qantas.

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