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  • Industry Opinion: Human errors compound supply chain issues 08 Nov 2016

    Lloyd's List Australia

    Staff Member: Behnam Fahimnia

    Professor Behnam Fahimnia authored an article published in Lloyd’s List that argued human errors compound supply chain issues.

  • The crisis in the container shipping industry and its resolution 01 Nov 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: Michael Bell

    The recent bankruptcy of the world’s seventh largest container carrier, Hanjin Shipping, has sent shock waves through global supply chains. Read more

  • David Hensher on Channel 7 News 01 Nov 2016

    Channel 7 News

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Channel 7 News (Sydney) interviewed Professor David Hensher about the widening of the M4 motorway and the high concentration of toll roads with the WestConnex, NorthConnex and M4.

  • Sydney’s missing F6 motor link to the south on road to reality 16 Oct 2016

    The Daily Telegraph

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Professor David Hensher was quoted in the Daily Telegraph about the NSW Government’s investment in the F6 motorway connecting Sydney’s south to the broader motorway network.

  • Aussies back Uber-type services 07 Oct 2016

    Government News

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Government News reported on a new study by the Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), which found a preference for Uber and Uber-type ride sharing services amongst travellers. The article quoted Professor David Hensher.

  • Geoffrey Clifton on ABC News 24 05 Oct 2016

    ABC News 24 (Breakfast)

    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Dr Geoffrey Clifton was interviewed on ABC News 24’s Breakfast program about the benefits and pitfalls of a traffic congestion charge in relation to calls from Infrastructure Victoria to introduce the tax.

  • David Hensher on 2MCE Orange 05 Oct 2016

    2MCE Orange

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    2MCE Orange interviewed Professor David Hensher about a new transport opinion survey that found Australians are increasingly opting for ride sharing such as Uber.

  • David Hensher on ABC Newcastle 04 Oct 2016

    ABC Newcastle

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    ABC Newcastle interviewed Professor David Hensher about his research on ride-sharing services in comparison to traditional modes of transport such as taxis.

  • Self-drive motor vehicles lack sex appeal and a great deal more 01 Oct 2016

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: Matthew Beck

    The self-driving car is often presented as the transportation technology of the future. But there remain many physical barriers to these vehicles and, for the average driver, a lot of psychological ones too. If these barriers are not overcome, the self-drive vehicle is destined for the same fate as electric car which has less than 2% of the market to show for 30 years of expensive research. Read more

  • Uber wants to help Australians catch the bus on time 26 Sep 2016


    Staff Member: Geoffrey Clifton

    Mashable (US) quoted Dr Geoffrey Clifton from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies about Uber's collaboration with TripGo to aid commuters catching public transport.

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