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  • We need value-for-money no matter what the funding level 14 Oct 2015

    ITLS Thinking Outside the Box

    Staff Member: David Brown

    We must build the best transport options which will include many public transport projects and 'best' must include value-for-money. Read more

  • Badgerys Creek Airport won’t fly without a rail link, research shows 13 Oct 2015

    The Daily Telegraph

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Professor David Hensher was quoted in a Daily Telegraph article about the long term planning required to establish an airport at Badgerys Creek.

  • David Hensher on Drive 666 ABC Canberra 06 Oct 2015

    666 ABC Canberra

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Professor David Hensher was interviewed on 666 ABC Canberra's Drive program about Sydney's light rail construction and the impact this may have on congestion.

  • Voters split on transport funding 29 Sep 2015

    Northern Star

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    Regional newspapers nationally quoted Professor David Hensher and reported on the Business School's most recent Quarterly Transport Opinion Survey, which found Australians are almost evenly split on whether government infrastructure funds should go to roads or public transport.

  • David Hensher on 612 ABC Brisbane 29 Sep 2015

    612 ABC Brisbane

    Staff Member: David Hensher

    612 ABC Brisbane interviewed Professor David Hensher about public transport following the release of the quarterly Transport Opinion Survey.

  • Another way of thinking about Public Transport Delivery 26 Sep 2015

    Staff Member: David Emerson

    There are a limited number of ways currently used to organise the business of public transport, and it must be asked; are there other innovative ways of providing for the involvement of private enterprise in the provision of this essential urban service? Read more

  • The Viability and Economics of the proposed Inland Rail Project 23 Sep 2015

    SBS Radio

    Staff Member: Rico Merkert

    SBS Radio interviewed Dr Rico Merkert about the freight train line project connecting Brisbane and Melbourne.

  • A new metaphor might help bring about change 22 Sep 2015

    Staff Member: David Brown

    A common image we use to symbolise the function of our cities, misrepresents what’s really happening. It is now buried in popular use but if we challenge it, we might broaden the solutions we consider for the range of real transport problems. Read more

  • Malcolm Turnbull's cabinet: Jamie Briggs named Minister for Cities 20 Sep 2015

    Australian Financial Review

    Staff Member: John Stanley

    Adjunct Professor John Stanley quoted in the Australian Financial Review about the crucial role of public transport in making Australian cities more productive.

  • Goodbye traffic jams? 02 Sep 2015

    ABC Radio National

    Staff Member: Michiel Bliemer

    ABC Radio National interviewed Professor Michiel Bliemer about the need for investment in public transport rather than on new roads and tunnels to clear car congestion.

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