Rico Merkert

Dr Rico Merkert, Senior Lecturer in Aviation Management at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, discusses the announcement of a second Sydney airport in Badgerys Creek.

ITLS 21st Anniversary Celebrations

(July 2012)

ITLS 21st Anniversary Dinner

Keynotes & presentations (July 2012)

ITLS 21 Years of Achievement

A presentation celebrating the key achievements of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies in its first 21 years. (July 2012)

Professor David Hensher

Professor David Hensher is developing ideas to improve public transport and reduce traffic congestion on our roads. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, these changes will improve people's lifestyles and productivity. (June 2012)

Denny Yang

ITLS Alumni Testimonial - Denny Yang, Master of Logistics Management. (April 2012)

Developing the Supply Chain Manager of the Future

Professor Martin Christopher (Cranfield School of Management, UK) discusses how the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies is contributing to developing the supply chain manager of the future (November 2011).

David Hensher

ITLS Director, Professor David Hensher, discusses the work of ITLS in the Centre of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit development. (May 2011)

Urban transport: A little less conversation, a little more action

Professor David Hensher, ITLS presents his latest research about the challenges facing the NSW transport system. (May 2011)

We Set the Agenda

Prof David Hensher believes that what makes the Business School outstanding is its ability to communicate with industry and government to influence real change. (April 2011)

ITLS Student Testimonial

Peter Scott Graham, MTM 2010. (April 2011)

David Hensher

David Hensher on the critical NSW election issue of Transport. (March 2011)

Corrine Mulley

Professor Corinne Mulley, NSW Chair in Public Transport, talks buses for Sydney's future with YOpinion. (December 2010)

David Hensher

Professor David Hensher from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, talks about the High Speed Rail being back on the agenda. (May 2010)

David Hensher

Professor David Hensher (Director, ITLS) interviewed by Elsevier on the Thredbo Conference Series. (November 2009)

The Cost of Life

The cost of life? A video on the research at ITLS which re-evaluated the way we estimate the cost of saving human lives lost in car accidents. (November 2009)