Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Road pricing reform: A simple, fair, publicly acceptable, and revenue-neutral distance based discounting strategy

Professor Michiel Bliemer, Chair in Transport and Logistics Network Modelling, ITLS-Sydney

18th Jun 2013  11:00 am - Lecture Theatre 2 (Room 112), Level 1, St James Campus, The University of Sydney, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Bio: After studying economics at Brown University Graduate School (USA) and receiving his MSc degree in Econometrics and Operations Research (with honours) from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) in 1996, Michiel began his PhD in transport planning and traffic engineering at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) on the topic of dynamic traffic assignment. In 2001, he successfully obtained his PhD degree, and become Assistant Professor in Transport Economics at Delft. At the same time, he held a part-time position at the Dutch Institute for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and developed the INDY dynamic traffic assignment software. In 2004, Michiel was promoted to Associate Professor in Transport Modelling and has since supervised several PhD candidates in the fields of road pricing, dynamic network modelling, evacuation planning, network reliability and robustness, and firm location choice. In addition, he has been responsible for teaching the transport modelling course and courses in discrete choice methods, dynamic traffic management, and transport economics. As of 2008, he accepted a part-time position as Innovation Manager at Goudappel Coffeng, the largest transport and traffic consultancy in the Netherlands. At the company, he has been responsible for several model innovations in the OmniTRANS software, such as the StreamLine dynamic traffic network model, the STAQ static traffic assignment with queuing model, and discrete choice models to be applied on large transport networks.

Michiel's ties with ITLS have always been strong; since 2003 Michiel has been a visiting professor, working at ITLS between one and five months each year. His research in Sydney has focused on experimental designs for stated choice surveys, which in cooperation with colleagues has led to the Ngene software for generating experimental designs. In early 2012, Michiel joined ITLS full-time as Chair in Transport and Logistics Network Modelling, where he is active in teaching courses and conducting research in the transport and logistics modelling domain, with a strong focus on realistically modelling behaviour of travellers and agents. Michiel actively works together with consultants and industry partners to bring new scientific methods and models to practice and to support policy makers in making better infrastructure and traffic management decisions.

In the past ten years, Michiel has published over 200 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings, and is an active member of the network modelling and survey methods committees at the Transportation Research Board (USA), the innovative methods committee at ETC (Europe), and the scientific board of the DTA conference. Furthermore, he is a member of the International Association of Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR), the Dutch TRAIL Research School, and is an associate editor of the Journal of Choice Modelling.