Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

How emerging technology can help address the issues of productivity in the supply chain

Charlie Macdonald, General Manager, Industry Executive: Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

19th Mar 2013  11:00 am - Lecture Theatre 2 (Room 112), Level 1, St James Campus, The University of Sydney, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Abstract: In February 2010 the ALC published a discussion paper on 'A Smarter Supply Chain using Information and Communications Technology to Increase Productivity in the Australian Transport and Logistics Industry'.
The white paper will revisit the recommendations and actions in light of significant changes to the business and technology landscape. The industry continues to report low levels of productivity improvement although companies in isolation have been significant cost saving post the GFC. On the technology side there have been dramatic changes to the environment namely Cloud computing becoming main stream, Smart phone and tablet computing has change the way people shop and work, and there has been a significant adaption of machine 2 machine (M2M) solutions in industry. This presentation will describe how these recent changes in technology and importantly the acceleration of adaption of new technology will drive innovative solutions to increase productivity through the Supply Chain.

Bio: The industry executive is responsible for the thought leadership within the Manufacturing Transport and Logistics sectors within Telstra. This role works closely with Telstra customers as well as major industry stakeholders to bring business solutions to address the main issues and challenges of the industry.

Charlie Macdonald joined Telstra Enterprise and Government in January 2012 as the General Manager for Manufacturing Transport and Logistics with the objective of providing business solutions to the connected eco systems of the Supply Chain. Charlie acknowledges a key to improving supply chain efficiency is the availability of timely, accurate and complete information from order to fulfilment to payment. Prior to joining Telstra, Charlie held a number of senior business and IT roles spanning more than 25 years in the transport sector. Charlie was recently the CIO of the Parcel Direct Group (PDG) managing the implementation and integration of the transport businesses within the Group across Australia. Before PDG Charlie held leadership roles in DHL Express in Oceania, Asia and Europe pioneering innovative Mobile, Reverse Logistics, Global Trade and Supply Chain Visibility solutions. Charlie is the chair of the ICT working group for the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), the ALC is the premier industry body in Australia representing Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain businesses.