Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Open Skies: Estimating consumers' benefits from free trade in airline services and policy recommendations from a US perspective

Dr. Jia Yan, Washington State University

24th Jun 2014  - Lecture Theatre 2 (Room 112), Level 1, St James Campus, The University of Sydney, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Jia is an Associate Professor of Economics at Washington State University (WSU). He is an applied economist with expertises in transportation economics and industrial organization. His recent research projects cover the following topics: 1. Measuring the heterogeneity in commuters' values of time and time reliability; 2. Policy design accounting for the heterogeneity in commuters' preferences for travel time; 3. Measuring efficiency of transport infrastructure including airports and ports; 4. The effect of institutional arrangements on airport efficiency; 5. Privatization of transport infrastructure including airports and highways; and 6. The effect of open-skies on airline markets. His research papers on these topics have appeared in journals such as Econometrica, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, Transportation Research Part B, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, and Transportation Research Record.