Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Does having a transport policy help to identify infrastructure projects

John Austen, General Manager, Policy; Infrastructure Australia

4th Mar 2014  11:00 am - Lecture Theatre 2 (Room 112), Level 1, St James Campus, The University of Sydney, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


In 2007-08 the Australian Transport (Ministerial) Council agreed a national transport policy framework. The Office of the National Infrastructure Coordinator has proposed more detail to this framework along three themes identified by Infrastructure Australia: international gateways, a national freight network and transforming our cities. This presentation outlines the assumptions, methods and results of that work. It considers ports, freight, urban transport, roads and 'people' matters. It considers how this work could be used to identify infrastructure projects. The Office is a small group which provides support to the National Infrastructure Coordinator and Infrastructure Australia. Most of its research is published:


John Austen holds degrees in Economics and Law from the Australian National University. He has been a career public servant in labour, manufacturing and transport agencies with roughly equal time in the Commonwealth and NSW. He currently is with the office working on transport matters. He has lived in south western Sydney for 20 years. Experience prior to the office includes: some of the Hawke/Keating government economic policies; formal evaluation of government programs; international benchmarking of non-traded services; changes in NSW and national land transport; competition policy and access regimes; reviews of NSW rail, freight, urban transport; external governance in transport.