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Policy Series: Moving People > Solutions for Policy Thinkers

  1. Pricing opportunities for Australia: paying our way in land transport (March 2014)
  2. Sustainable transport in Australian cities: targeting vehicle kilometres of travel (June 2014)
  3. Public transport: funding growth in urban route services (October 2014)
  4. Connecting neighbourhoods: the 20 minute city (March 2015)
  5. Urban land use transport integration and the vital role for Australia’s forgotten inner/middle suburbs (October 2015)
  6. Governance for integrated urban land use transport policy and planning (August 2015)

This policy series is aimed at decision and policy makers, academics and students; the focus is land transport, land use, integrated planning and urban development challenges in Australia.The policy series, authored by ITLS' Professor John Stanley, has been developed by the Bus Industry Confederation of Australia (BIC) and ITLS. The series addresses specific subject matters and issues raised in the BIC’s previous reports: Moving People - Solutions for a Growing Australia (May 2010) and Moving People - Solutions for a Liveable Australia (December 2012). There will be six papers in the series in total; the two further papers will be published in 2015.

Working Papers

Since 1991 ITLS has published 20 to 30 working papers each year reporting on our latest research findings and analysis of recent policy developments. These papers are all available for free download: Working Papers

Opinion Pieces

Handbooks in Transport



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