Working Papers 2002

ITS-WP-02-01 Adobe PDF Document
The Mixed Logit Model: The State of Practice
Hensher & Greene
Service Quality - Developing a Service Quality Index (SQI) in the Provision of Commercial Bus Contracts
Hensher, Stopher & Bullock
A Systematic Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Transport Policy: An End Use Perspective
Establishing Value for Money in Incentive-Driven Quality Contracts: The Bus Reform Agenda in New South Wales
Willingness to Pay for Road Curviness and Road Type
Hensher & Sullivan
ITS-WP-02-06 Adobe PDF Document
Exploring the Use of Passive GPS Devices to Measure Travel
Stopher, Bullock & Horst
ITS-WP-02-07 Adobe PDF Document
Leadership and HR Focus in TQM Research in Australia: An Assessment and Agenda
ITS-WP-02-08 Adobe PDF Document
A Latent Class Model For Discrete Choice Analysis: Contrasts with Mixed Logit
William H Greene and David A Hensher
ITS-WP-02-09 Adobe PDF Document
The Theory of Constraints Thinking Process Approach to Developing Growth Strategies in Supply Chain
S Rahman
ITS-WP-02-10 Adobe PDF Document
Relationships Between Soft TQM, Hard TQM, and Organisational Performance
Rahman & Bullock
ITS-WP-02-11 Adobe PDF Document
Performance-Based Quality Contracts in Bus Service Provision
Hensher & Stanley
ITS-WP-02-12 Adobe PDF Document
Simulated Household Travel Survey Data: Synthetic Data in Australia
Stopher, Rose & Bullock
ITS-WP-02-13 Adobe PDF Document
Understanding Underlying Constraints Affecting Decision- Making by Morning Car Commuters.
O'Fallon, Sullivan & Hensher
ITS-WP-02-14 Adobe PDF Document
Urban Public Transport Delivery in Australia: Issues and Challenges in Retaining and Growing Patronage
ITS-WP-02-15 Adobe PDF Document
A Spatial and Statistical Approach for Imputing Origin- Destination Matrices from Household Travel Survey Data: A Sydney Case Study
Ton & Hensher
ITS-WP-02-16 Adobe PDF Document
Performance-Based Quality Contracts for the Bus Sector: Delivering Social and Commercial Value for Money
Hensher & Houghton
Encouraging Carpooling With an Access Controlled, Premium Carpool Carpark
Navigation And Travel Behaviour: Findings From Focus Group Research
Chan & Rose