Working Papers 2003

ITS-WP-03-01 Adobe PDF Document
Congestion Charging and the Optimal Provision of Public Infrastructure: Theory and Evidence
Troung & Hensher
ITS-WP-03-02 Adobe PDF Document
Wearable GPS device as a data collection method for travel research
de Jong & Mensonides
ITS-WP-03-03 Adobe PDF Document
Contract Areas and Service Quality Issues in Public Transit Provision: Some Thoughts on the European and Australian Context
ITS-WP-03-04 Adobe PDF Document
Environmental Justice Applications in Transport: The International Perspective
Alsnih & Stopher
ITS-WP-03-05 Adobe PDF Document
Models of Organisational and Agency Choices for Passenger and Freight-Related Travel Choices: Notions of Inter-Activity and Influence
ITS-WP-03-06 Adobe PDF Document
The Mobility and Accessibility Expectations of Seniors in an Aging Population
Alsnih & Hensher
ITS-WP-03-07 Adobe PDF Document
GPS Measurement of Travel Times, Driving Cycles, and Congestion
Bullock, Stopher, Pointer & Jiang
ITS-WP-03-08 Adobe PDF Document
Revealing Differences in Willingness to Pay due to the Dimensionality of Stated Choice Designs: An Initial Assessment
ITS-WP-03-09 Adobe PDF Document
Modelling Agent Interdependency in Group Decision Making: Methodological Approaches to Interactive Agent Choice Experiments
Hensher & Rose
ITS-WP-03-10 Adobe PDF Document
Transnational Corporations, Local Adaptation and Inter-Firm Linkages in Developing Countries: Some Contrasts with Local Enterprises in India
Kanta Ray & Rahman
ITS-WP-03-11 Adobe PDF Document
Quality Management in Logistics: A Comparison of Practices between Manufacturing and Retail Companies and Logistics Firms
ITS-WP-03-12 Adobe PDF Document
Using values of travel time savings for toll roads: Avoiding some common errors
Hensher & Goodwin
ITS-WP-03-13 Adobe PDF Document
Cars, Congestion, Public Transport, and Pricing: A Reality Check
ITS-WP-03-14 Adobe PDF Document
TravelSmart: A Critical Appraisal
Stopher & Bullock
ITS-WP-03-15 Adobe PDF Document
Measuring Bus Performance Using GPS Technology
Bullock & Jiang
ITS-WP-03-16 Adobe PDF Document
Road Safety Valuation under a Stated Choice Framework
Rizzi & de Dios Ortzar
ITS-WP-03-17 Adobe PDF Document
Valuing Noise Level Reductions in a Residential Location Context
Galilea & de Dios Ortzar
ITS-WP-03-18 Adobe PDF Document
Using Classical Inference Methods to reveal individual-specific parameter estimates to avoid the potential complexities of WTP derived from population moments
Hensher, Greene & Rose
Encouraging E-bike use: the need for regulatory reform in Australia
Geoff Rose, ITLS Monash
Abstract: This report examines the regulation of power assisted bicycles in Australia and overseas. The current regulations are reviewed and reasons for revising the regulations in Australia are outlined. Recommendations are made on key features for revised regulations.